Develop a project risk register

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Background Develop a project risk register for General Motors Company. General Motors Company has over 215,000 union and non-union employees spread over six continents in 370 facilities and is headquartered in Detroit, MI. The company needs to replace their current Human Resource system (payroll, benefits, compensation, evaluation, employee/manager self-service). They would also like to add a Data Warehouse to analyze and run reports against their human resource data. Develop a risk register for this important project. Assumptions The risk register should cover all phases of the project and work which includes: Planning, Analysis, Design, Development/Configuration, Data Conversion, Testing, Implementation and Post-Implementation. The risk register should be developed from the perspective of General Motors Company and the risks that the project is exposed to during the course of the project execution. General Motors Company has selected IBM as their implementation partner for this project. You may use one of the risk registers provided on Blackboard or develop your own. Assignment Develop a risk register. The risk register must include the following columns: Description of Risk Event – be specific Likelihood or probability of the risk event occurring Impact of risk event if it occurs Risk Response Strategy (what specific actions will you take prior to the risk occurring to Mitigate, Transfer, Avoid, or Accept Risk). This should be multiple bulleted items, not a single item. Risk Contingency Plan (what you do after the risk occurred to address the risk that has happened) – this is your plan “B” The format for this should be a Microsoft Excel file intended for use by the project manager of this human resource system.

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