Develop an incident-handling document.

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Develop an incident-handling document. The Weezle Corporation, a plastics-molding company, has been hacked once, and some amount of data has been stolen or corrupted. There was no incident-handling policy in place, and the stockholders are in an uproar. They do not know if their network has been hacked several times or whether this was an isolated incident.
Weezle Corp.’s president, Ima Weezle, has requested that you create a disaster-recovery plan for the company. Weezle Corp. has two locations, one in Ableton and one in Brazelton, separated by 20 miles. The Ableton facility consists of a warehouse and factory with 20 injection-molding lines and 590 employees. All the lines are connected to the IP network, and there are 20 networked PCs and four networked high-speed Okidata printers. The Brazelton facility consists of the main offices, 12 warehouses, and a factory area with 15 blow-molding lines. There are 85 networked PCs, two RS6000 mini-computers (tape backups done daily on each RS6000), and four legacy
HP and DEC mainframes carrying historical data only.
Your plan should cover incident handling, data recovery, logging requirements, chain of command notifications, bug eradication, incident recovery, and emergency steps

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