Discussion EC1

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For this Discussion, watch this Experts in Emotion video.  In this episode, you will learn about “Emotion and Social Media” from Arturo Bejar, who was a director of engineering at Facebook for more than five years. Arturo managed a team that built site integrity tools but acknowledges we still have a long way to go to “humanize each other” on social media sites. Bejar shares what first got him interested in this topic and highlights a few core themes in his research. 
After watching this video,
Describe three points that stood out to you as they relate to human emotion and social media.
Offer three questions for the science on motivation and emotion to address in the future, as it relates to the impact of social media–and why you think each question is important to address.
Substantively respond to two other students, offering feedback to them on their views on these important subjects and highlighting applicable research you’ve found in your studies.

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