down about organisational hierarchy

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Navneet Kaur is 32 years old female working as a full-time enrolled nurse in RIDLEYTON GREEK HOME FOR THE AGED (please search about this industry as you have to write down about organisational hierarchy or you can write any aged care hierarchy ) in Adelaide, south Australia. She is married with no kids. Her husband lives overseas. She is independent women. She worked as a personal care worker for 5 years in southern cross aged care. Now she is working from 6 months as enrolled nurse. Navneet has completed diploma of nursing to get this job.
Navneet was observed in the pm shift from 3-11pm on a weekday. Researcher observed KSAO (knowledge, abilities and other characteristics). After finishing her shift researcher interviewed Navneet and asked her to complete the surveys. Please expand this part little more if you can by looking from the example reports.
Write about anything that enrolled nurses do during their job at aged care
Navneet starts her shift by taking handover from previous shift nurse. She then does some paperwork on computer and checks any additional notes on progress book. She administers morning medication to all the residents. After that she does her paperwork. Then she prepares lunch time medication and administer. During the shift she changes wound dressings of residents. She helps the carers if needed. She took urine samples of few residents.

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