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A portfolio of evidence of approximately 2600 words in total, excluding the PDP (professional development plan)should relate academic concepts theories and professional practices to the way organization operateReferences (Harvard ) Other Article: audience. By doing this the brand are also able to control opinion and perception meaning that by showing the best parts of the brand and its products it will mean that more people will want to not only purchase the products but also support the brand. Some may say that the industry is manipulative and encourages conspicuous consumption by doing this. Pretty Little Thing promotes several different influencers and bloggers on their Instagram. A reoccurring face would be the ever-growing fashion influencer, Emily Shak. She has a platform where she shows off her never-ending amount of clothes and her desirable style. Emily Shak has been known to collaborate with many brands and has even had a few of her own collections with some of them. Her Instagram has a mixture of high end and high street brands all over it, from Balenciaga to Pretty Little Thing therefore using someone like Emily Shak to promote their brand will influence her audience to shop there in a bid to achiever her lifestyle. Although someone like Emily Shak is a Slim and attractive woman Pretty Little Thing is also very keen on promoting body confidence and showing that not all girls have to be super model skinny to be beautiful, they also use influencers with non-normative body types and a diverse range of beauty. Pretty Little Thing have recently introduced a new feature on their website where they now include images of most of the clothes being modelled on two different body types; size 8 and size 16, this highlights the fact that there should not be a divide or rules… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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