emphasis on a project manager working

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You need to include the following, backed-up with journals, books and references:     (Maximum 1000 words)1.    Communications, with emphasis on a project manager working remotely with project team members.2.    Managing multi-cultural project stakeholders.3.    Develop scenarios where a project manager has to cope with pressures from stakeholders with respect to cost and time overruns and outline how advanced planning and scheduling technique can help overcome these issuesPart 2    (Max marks 25% of the total marks)Multi-constraints planningDiscuss and analyse the practicality of multi-constraints planning application in the industrial sector that you have experience in. Provide outline analysis of value and constraints of applying the approach. Use the following papers as a reference for your discussion (1000words). You need build bibliography at least 20 references from range of references.Zhen-Zhong Hu, Jian-Ping Zhang, Frang-Qiang Yu,Pei-Long Tian and Xue-Song Xiang (October 2016) Construction and facility management of large MEP projects using a multi-Scale building information model, Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 100, 215-230.Nashwan Dawood and Eknarin Sriprasert (January 2006), Construction scheduling using multi-constraint and genetic algorithms approach, Construction Management and Economics, 19–30.

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