ENC1102-Professor Weisler

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The GiverSocratic Seminar and DiscussionENC1102-Professor WeislerLearning Objective● Participate in a collaborative academic discussion.● Use text evidence to justify responses both orally and in writing.● Analyze and infer theme and apply broad ideas to specific texts.● Think critically about text, determining a central idea and analyze itsdevelopment throughout the text.● Provide an objective summation of the text.How Your Score Works● Each time we do a Socratic Seminar, you will be given a question-set inadvance.● You are NOT REQUIRED to respond to each question in the question set.HOWEVER, you ARE asked to have AT LEAST some form ofbrainstorm/written/reflective idea coming into the Socratic Seminar as partof the “preparation” category. This shows that you are doing research,reflection, and have ideas in mind, in case you don’t get to speak as often asyou wish. But trust me…the more research you do…the more you’ll feelcomfortable speaking. These questions go FAST and you ARE asked toparticipate as part of your score!!!● GRADE BREAKDOWN: Preparation + Participation (speaking twice) = fullmarks
Seminar Ground Rules● Speak so that all can hear you● Listen closely.● Speak without raising hands.● Refer to the text (s). CITE FROM THE NOVEL & SECONDARYSOURCES OFTEN, ESPECIALLY WHEN SPEAKING.● Talk to each other, not just the leader.● Respect inner/outer circle.● Ask for clarification, don’t stay confused.● Invite and allow others to speak● Consider all viewpoints and ideas● You are responsible for quality discussion.
Habits of Mind● What is it I think I know?● How do I know what I know?● How do I know that I know?● What is the evidence?● Whose viewpoint is this?● How is it connected to other things?What difference does it make?So what…? What if…?EXPECTATIONS● INNER CIRCLE● Follow Ground Rules● Practice dialogue● Wonder aloud and askquestions● Use Habits of Mind● OUTER CIRCLEListen closely and takenotes.Be ready to “build on” to keyideas, comments, andquestions when you becomethe inner circle.NOTE: During COVID-19/ZOOM/hybrid instruction, this may be disregarded, and the entireclass may form one “circle” so that everyone can hear one another clearly regardless if youare in the classroom or over zoom at any given time.QUESTION 1: Marxism● How would you classify the politicalsystem in Jonas’s community? Who isin power and who is oppressed?● What role does class play in thecommunity?QUESTION 2: FeminismIs it significant that Jonas is amale and Rosemary, the previousReceiver who failed, was afemale?QUESTION 3: Psychoanalysis~A focus onmorale● Was the desire to create a community of “sameness”wrong?● Whom should we judge most critically for the “ReleaseProcess”?QUESTION 4: Psychoanalysis~ Looking atFreud’s Theories● Why do you think Jonas was chosen to be the Receiver?What events in Jonas’s life influenced his desire tochallenge and change the way things worked in thecommunity?QUESTION 5: Deconstructivist Paradigm● Did you sympathize more with Jonas or with thecommunity? What strategies did the author use to createthese feelings in you?● Did the author want your feelings about Jonas’s father tochange after you learned of his role in the release of thetwin?QUESTION 6: Deconstructivist Paradigm● Does Lowry’s imagined future appeal to you or repelyou?QUESTION 7: Deconstructivist Paradigm● What exactly happens to Jonas and Gabriel at theconclusion of the story, and what is the significance ofthese events or this resolution? Does this conclusioncontradict your reading of the novel to this point?QUESTION 8: Analyzing Community andSociety● Think of our current society – what aspects of utopias and dystopias do wehave?● How do personal choices impact a society?● What changes would you make to your own society?● Do you agree that we should all try to be more alike? Do you think the worldwould be better if we tried to fit in?● Where do you think the line between public safety and personal freedomshould be drawn? Give examples.

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