Erica Bell is in charge

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chapter 3OPENING CASEErica Bell is in charge of the Project Management Office (PM0) for her consulting firm, JWD Consulting, which hasgrown to include more than 200 full-time consultants and even more part-time consultants. JWD Consulting provides a variety of consulting services to assist organizations in selecting and managing IT projects. The firm focuses on finding and managing high-payoff projects and developing strong metrics to measure project performance and benefits to the organization after the project is implemented. The firm’s emphasis on metrics and working collaboratively with its customers gives it an edge over many competitors. Joe Fleming, the CEO, wanted his company to continue to grow and become a world-class consulting organization. Because the core of the business is helping other organi-zations with project management, he felt it was crucial for JWD Consulting to have an exemplary process for managing its own projects. He asked Erica to work with her team and other consultants in the firm to develop several intranet site applications that would allow them to share their project management knowledge. He also thought that the firm should make some of the information available to the firm’s clients. For example, the firm couldprovide project management templates, tools, articles, links to other sites, and an Ask the Expert feature to help build relationships with current and future clients. Because JWD Consulting emphasizes the importance of high-payoff projects, Joe also wanted to see a business case for this project before proceeding.

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