Essay: Critical Analysis Essay of a Case Study

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2.4.3 Essay: Critical Analysis Essay of a Case StudyWeight: 50% Type of Collaboration: Individual Due: Week 13 – Monday 11 October at 23:59 hours Soto riission: Refer to Section 2.5 or the Learning Guide- General Submission Requirements. Submit your assessment through turnitin link on the vUWS site, Format: All assignments are to be typed. Typing must be according to the following format: – Three (3) cm left and right margins, double spaced – Font: Arial or Times New Roman – Font size: 12pt See further submission requirements below – All borrowings from other sources must be properly referenced and a reference list must be included at the end of the assignment – In-text citations and refrence list must be APA7 format Length: 1,500 words Curriculum Mode: Essay ,Word count:There is a word limit of 1500 words. Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10% word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 1500 plus 10%.Aim of assessment:The aim of this assessment is to develop your understanding evaluating the professional conduct of a nurse/midwife in the case study provided. The case study provided is a decision statement selected from Decisions of the Professional Standards Committee from the Nursing and Midwifery Council New South Wales – The Health Care Complains Comission (HCCC). You are to identify professional practice issues from the case study and then draw on the professional frameworks and regulatory legislation, to develop sound and appropriate responses to the clinical incident that will inform your future practice. Details:This assessment requires you to identify and summarise the professional practice issues in the case study from either a nursing or midwifery practice perspective. You need to identify and evaluate relevant professional errors identified that potentially contributed to the incident happening. Finally, discuss on how your futtire practice might change and develop as a result of this learning.Students are to draw on the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, NMBA professional practice documents and NSW Health policy documents (where appropriate) to develop informed responses.Students must refer to and use the case’studies located on vUWS under Assessment 3 tab for this assessment. There is one nursing case study and one midwifery case study to choose from.Submission requirements:
Electronic copy only. Students are to submit an electronic copy of the assessment. Students are not required to submit the original hard copy of their assessment on campus.
Submit your assessment electronically through the Turnitin link on the unit vUWS site.13

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