examining the determinants of health

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-Write a report examining the determinants of health specific for the chosen health issue and local area.
The report should identify health inequalities locally and explore the relationship between determinants of health and how this contributes to the health issue chosen.
Points to consider:
Understand what the health inequalities are locally.
Use JSNA (joint strategic needs assessment) website, local GOV websites, local borough website, fingertips phe (public health profiles) to evaluate exactly what that health issue means for the local area chosen.
Identify any social determinants related to the chosen health issue and related to any of the statistics found locally.
The report should conclude by identifying and critically evaluating the strategies to address local health inequalities (understand and identify strategy for improvement that could potentially help the issue that is been discussed in the 1st section of the report.
Look at the local statistics for your health issue
While writing the report, use theoretical perspectives and make references on National Local Evidence.
8-10 aru library references
Report structure:
1a) Introduction (500words) – include the context of the assignment, including objectives of the report (what is the aim? What are you trying to do? ), give a brief background of the health issue identified (Why is this significant? Why are you looking at this particular topic in the local area?). Identify social determinants related to health issue; add definitions and key term- use literature search. Discuss anything else that you what to include.
1b. Findings (1200 words) – explore relationships between social determinants using health inequality model ( use Dahlgren-Whitehead Rainbow Model, 1991). This model is used as an analytical tool to help to identify the specific determinants of health related to the chosen health issue.
-Compare the determinants with evidence (LOCAL and NATIONAL ONLY) .
Questions to consider: -What is the relationship between determinants?
-How this affect the education?
-How the education affect employment?
-After identifying some key terminologies , look at the statistics related to local area chosen -Take screenshots and add them into the report . Useful websites: GOV UK, JSNA, ONS, FINGERTIPS PHE.
Examine the identified layers of the framework; this would be supported with a diagram and critical analysis of the layers identified. Include things like a comparation of the social economic status of the borough compared with order boroughs in London or the UK.
Eg: if age is a particularly determinately that you want to look at or a particular health inequality that affect your health issue what is the age range of those health issue in the borough chosen compared to other borough that perform better?
Diagramas and figures may be used, however, these must be referred to during the disscutions.
2a-Conclusion ( 1000words) -Strategies of improvements
–Conclude by identifying strategies that you have found to help tackle the health issue . Use HEAT assessment framework as a strategy or identify another strategy framework that is been already successful elsewhere. If this strategy meets National policy guidelines or had it been adapted slightly different in another borough that you think you could be used in your particular borough.
(identify and critically evaluate strategies to address the local health inequalities-focus on local health inequality in the chosen borough. It is important to be able to improve health disparities locally).
2b- Theoretical perspective and recommendations
-Once the strategy for improvement has been identified, establish which underlying theoretical perspective can be used to implement the strategy. Eg: Treating obesity with medication and surgery would benefit from applying the medical model in practice.
– identify one key recommendation that will improve health outcomes or aim to reduce health inequalities for the local population.

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