FIN600 Financial Managementdevelopment of a virtual medical productPROJ6000 Principles of Project ManagementAssignment #: 2 Home Assignment

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Subject Code and Title
FIN600 Financial Management
20 minutes, 10 questions consisting of multiple choice
for each quiz
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following subject
learning outcomes:
a) Apply the key theories and principles of financial
management within varying contexts.
b) Critically evaluate the role and content of each of
the four main financial statements as sources of
quantitative data, and their impact on business decision
c) Investigate and evaluate the range of issues
involved in the different types of funding.
d) Understand and evaluate budgets and their
impact on long and short term business decisions.
e) Critically analyse financial statements using
effective strategies and apply accountancy information
for informed managerial decision making.
Quiz 1: Opens for one week Sunday(Week 3) 11:55pm and
closes on Sunday 11:55 pm of Module 2 (Week 4)
Quiz 2: Opens for one week Sunday (Week 5) 11:55pm and
closes on Sunday 11:55 pm of Module 3 (Week 6)
Quiz 3: Opens for one week Sunday (Week 7) 11:55pm and
closes on Sunday 11:55 pm of Module 4 (Week 8)
Quiz 4: Opens for one week Sunday (Week 9) 11:55pm and
closes on Sunday 11:55 pm of Module 5 (Week 10)
Quiz 5: Opens for one week on Sunday (week 11) 11:55pm and
closes on Sunday 11:55 pm of Module 6 (Week 12)
10% each =Total 50%
Total Marks
10 marks each
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The assessment suite for this subject includes a time-constrained online test for modules 1 –
5, due at the end of each module.
As students progress through the subject, they are expected to build theoretical accounting
and finance knowledge and, through various in-class and self-directed exercises, to learn to
apply those theories, concepts and frameworks to practice and to decision-making
• There are 5 quizzes in total
• Each quiz is made up of 10 multiple choice questions
• The 10 questions will be chosen randomly from a pool of questions for each quiz and
each student will have a different set of questions for each test
• Review the learning resources for Module 1 and Module 2 for Quiz 1
• Review the learning resources for Module 3 for Quiz 2
• Review the learning resources for Module 4 for Quiz 3
• Review the learning resources for Module 5 for Quiz 4
• Review the learning resources for Module 6 for Quiz 5
• You will have 1 attempt and 20 minutes to complete each attempt
• The quiz attempt will shut down at 20 minute duration
• If you leave the quiz for a period of time prior to completion there will a forced
• The quiz will be graded automatically and you will receive your grade outcome
In order to perform well in each quiz, students should reflect on the difference between
studying the subject material, and merely reading it.
Although the test is online and open book, the phrasing of questions is designed to reward
students who have thoroughly prepared for each module.
Students should look for subtle differences in meaning of words used to phrase the
The online tests has been designed using only the subject material provided on BlackBoard.
Any other external sources are not/were not considered in writing the online tests.
For each question students are required to choose the correct answer to the question
asked, out of a possible 4 answers.
In some question sets, there may be a number of answers that are true: the student is
required to choose the best answer.
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