Formulating a Thesis Statement

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9:09urcourses.uregina.caFormulating a Thesis Statement What is a thesis Statement?Every paper should have a main point or a central idea. The themes/paragraphs in the body of your paper will provide information to support this main idea. Your thesis statement is usually one or two sentences in length and be situated somewhere in your introduction. It should not only introduce your topic, but make a statement that you will effectively support in the subsequent paragraphs that form the body of your paper.Formulating a Thesis StatementHave you ever participated in a debate and you were required to argue for or against a proposed idea or argument? Let’s take for example the following debate that occurred a couple of years ago in Regina regarding an application that was made to the Regina City Council to open a strip club. Consequently, City Councillors voted against the application 9 to 1.I was interviewed by Global Television to discuss whether or not opening a strip club in Regina was a progressive move for the city. Based on my work as a former crime analyst and sociologist, I examined data and research to analyze the impact of strip clubs on society. I argued that the implementation of a stri club in Regina was not a progressive move for our community.

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