Front Office Operations Management

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Department of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
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ICON College of Technology and Management
BTEC HND in Hospitality Management (RQF)
Unit 27: Front Office Operations Management (L5)
Schedule of Work
This unit is aimed at achieving the following learning outcomes:
LO1. Evaluate the role of the Front Office department within various accommodation organisations.
LO2. Discuss the importance of managing the reservation process to ensure maximisation of profit.
LO3. Analyse the guest experience journey within Front Office operations.
LO4. Assess how Front Office operations manage the quality of service delivery.
Indicative Contents and Lectures
Week 1
Introduction to the unit’s content, an overview of assessment methods
within the unit and the relevance of the topic within the hospitality
Different types of accommodation services operations and the nature of
Front Office systems. Five-star hotels, chain hotels, budget hotels, sell
service operations, hostels, .cruise ships, bed and breakfast etc.
 Group discussion on
services operations,
scope and scale etc.
Week 2
Strategic management of Front Office and operations planning for day
to day business. Planning the FO operations for smooth functioning as
the first guest opportunity for guest encounter. Design and layout,
resources, technology and staffing for smooth functioning.
 Investigation on FO
structure, design and
layout etc.
 Intro to coursework
Week 3
Planning and managing crisis in FO operations. Facing challenges and
Importance of communication in FO management. Interpersonal as well
as staff-guests interactions, including linguistic and cultural awareness.
Inter-departmental communication and coordination.
 Discussion Front Office
 Tutorials on coursework
Week 4
Innovation and use of digital technology in FO management, Property
management systems and interactive booking systems as well as Cloud
based PMS.
 Digitalisation of Front
Office system
Week 5
Hotel Reservation Systems: Central Reservation systems (SRS) and
Global Distribution System (GDS), role of intermediaries such as, other sources of reservations such as booking sites.
Interfacing with the hotels’ Property Management System (PMS.
 Formative feedback
 Group discussion on
Week 6
Reservation management: reservation process, forecasting making
adjustment, allocating and blocking. Overselling and managing
cancellations, matching with occupancy.
 Tutorials on coursework
Week 7
Standard Operating Procedures for handling reservation and
cancellations, legal issues and consumer protections.
 Workshop on consumer
protection and laws
Week 8
Revenue Management: Capacity planning, discount allocation, and
duration control. Pricing rooms and beds and simulation pricing.
Room/bed rates, average daily rate calculations and yield measurement.
Yield/Revenue Management strategies, application and implementation.
 Exercise on computer
aided simulated pricing
Week 9
Guest experience management: guest cycle and stages of guest
experience journey. Information provision and complaint handling.
 Tutorials on assignment
and feedback
Department of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management
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Week 10
Managing financial transactions and accounts, billing and payments
posting charges. Use of software packages in the operations and
management, including guest check-outs.
 Formative assessment
and feedback
Week 11
Impact of digital technology in managing customer experience and FO
operations. Current and future trends.
 Student presentation on
digital trends in FO
Week 12
Service encounter, service delivery, and service quality in FO
operations. Service blueprint and service quality models e.g.
SERVQUAL and Nordic Model. Measuring service quality.
 Tutorial on coursework
 Formative feedback
Week 13
Study week
Week 14
Study week and preparations for assignment submission and Exams
Recommended reading
CHON, K, and MAIER, T. (2010) Welcome to Hospitality: An Introduction. 3rd ed. Delmar, New York: Cengage
HANNAGAN, T. (2008) Management Concept and Practices. 5th ed. Harlow: Pearson.
PAYNE-PALCIO, J. and THEIS, M. (2016) Foodservice Management: Principles and Practice. 13th ed.
Harlow: Pearson.

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