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Assessment 3 Appendix CA Project Opportunity Brief (Fictional)Maryborough, QLD Annual Airshow 2022ASSESSMENT STATEMENT AND DATESFor this assessment, a project opportunity is described. The opportunity is a fully fictionalopportunity that is based on real world events. This fictional opportunity allows you todemonstrate your knowledge and skills on project planning and early project preparation.Simulated dates will use the format of **dd/MMM/yyyy**.As a reminder, your Assessment 3 Parts A2 and A3 is to simulate preparing a PMP for themilestone on **18/Oct/2021**.For this Assessment 3 Parts A2 and A3, simulated time has moved forward. Currentsimulated time is a few days after **19/Sep/2021** which follows the MaryboroughAnnual Airshow 2021. Your team has summarized team learnings from visiting the showand gathering other data over past weeks.This Appendix C represents some of your team’s learnings from the Maryborough AnnualAirshow 2021 and other data collected.As a reminder, this Assessment #3 is an early phase project simulation. It is a fictionalproject opportunity that covers industries which few individuals may have experience. Thesimulated opportunity is relatively small; however, it is structured with the complexities oflarge integrated projects. Students must learn to adapt systems thinking and projectmanagement needs to specific business needs.This Appendix C update provides your group (i.e., a project team) new information that yousimulated learning as part of your data gathering and evaluation efforts in preparing a PMP.When preparing your PMP, your group shall incorporate these Appendix C learnings. Inaddition, your group may also develop other “simulated” learnings and appropriate projectassumptions that become part of a the PMP. In the PMP, but sure to highlight theadditional learnings and assumptions the group agrees upon.LEARNINGS FROM MARYBOROUGH ANNUAL AIRSHOW 2021As approved and funded in the Charter, your team attended the Maryborough AnnualAirshow 2021 to learn as much possible.One key learning is that the volunteers for the Maryborough Annual Airshow are limited toonly parking control and cash entry payments at few selected entry points. Generally, thelocal SES members handle vehicle parking with the help of friends. MAGE members handleentry payments at several key entry points. Historically, payment for entry has been on agood faith basis, and that includes 90+/-% of patrons. However, boundaries of the showarea are relatively open, and some visitors choose to come in without payment. Over theyears, MAGE has accepted this and does not wish to challenge those who do not pay. MAGEhopes those visitors to the show will spend money at the show in other ways. This issueposes a challenge as those attending the evening entertainment will need to insurepayment/tickets, be fully screened, and controlled for reserved seating.Crowds during the day arrive evenly from about 7:30am to 9:30am during the morning.Areal displays run from about 8:30am until 4:00 to 4:45pm depending daily winds, weather,and aviation traffic. After the early rush crowd, and crown arrivals slow to stop for the restof the day. Therefore, the parking and entry points are effectively staffed for the numberscoming through. This issue poses a challenge as the event will have a large crowd wave inadvance of the evening show. It may have a 2nd crowd wave of those attending the musicalevent show but not the airshow.The Maryborough airport is shown below:The airport has access to a large, open, hard, and well drained lots for both car parking andairplane fly-ins. This parking is a key consideration for having the two musicalentertainment events.MAGE does little onsite coordination once the airshow has begun. They do strictly controland areal displays and movements. Vendors of all sort are numerous, stay to their assignedareas, and have worked well together for years. The main runway of the airport remainsopen for aircraft movements and for overhead aviation displays.Historically, the seating plan brings in 500 seats in temporary bleachers/stands. Thesestands have been placed in the grass area north of the main aircraft ramp, on the west sideof the main runway, and south of the crossing grass runway. The additional entertainmentconcept is to expand seating to 800 seats or 1100 seats if appropriate. The more desirableseats that can be used for “Gold Class” for the day’s flying events and then musicalentertainment.Portable toilets have been distributed throughout the grounds. MAGE reports their numberof toilets have been okay for past daily crowds.The Maryborough Annual Airshow is historically family friendly with all age groups and fullrange of individual mobility. While children numbers will be lower for evening events, allages are also expected at the evening events.The vendor who provides the seating requires an 8month notice to arrange primary seatingfor 800 seats. The vendor requires 1 month notice to arrange the extra 300 seats. Setup ofall seating occurs 9 days in advance. Removal starting on the following Monday takes 2 to 3days.Typical Contractor Rates for Managing EventsYour project team members have identified a large range of available contractors who canservice the entertainment event. The following table is a current schedule of rates formanaging entertainment events. Personnel costs include pay, tax, super, on-costs, andother normally associated costs.
Hourly Rate
Low skilled site work (e.g., parking control,basic crowd control, etc.)
Skilled site worker (e.g., advanced parkingcontrol, monetary, etc.)
Unique specialist / Team leaders
Project Manager / Site Leader
Standards for Crowd ControlGeneral standards for crowd control plan for 1 basic crowd control person for each 50patrons. In addition, team leaders will be needed to float and work problems.A mobile stage will need to be used to come in and out. The stage is expected to have a towdriver and helper plus 4 security guards. In addition, typically the band provides a SecurityTeam Leader and a Deputy leader. During the show, the security guards will be coordinatedby the Band’s Security Team Leader.The Band’s Trademark Show Activity That Must be Planned andManagedThe Entertainer is very family and multiple age friendly. A trademark entertainment activityof the Entertainer is their “Fabulous 5” gifts to the crowd. At 5 times during theperformance, the Entertainer interacts with the crowd with gifts, each gift is a combinationsigned CD plus signed T-shirt. Usually, 4 gifts are based on a lotto draw of seats. Typicallyfor Gift #3, the entertainer will come into the crowd to the very young, the very mature,and/or handicapped. Sometimes with large crowds, Gift #3 could be multiples to multiplepersons.Show security will need to manage is special activity of the Entertainer.Marketing ForecastOne of the strengths of the entertainer’s agent is his/her access to marketing forecasts andanalyses. At this point in time of 12 months in advance, the market analysis indicates:• The Entertainer will command average ticket prices of about $125/ticket.• All seats are reserved.• A marketing agent, if used, generally gets 10% for tickets sales and marketing.• The event is family friendly, children under 12 should be at 50%. The limit is 1 under12 for each full adult ticket.• Gold Class tickets can run 30% more than other seats. In addition to a 30% premium,some Gold Class tickets can be uplifted and packaged with other items such as CD’s,show souvenirs, etc.• Other seats will be named “Reserved”. The “Reserved” seats may, or may not, beless comfortable.• Due to other entertainment competition and long distances, the Sunday afternoonevent should be about 10% less that the Saturday evening event.• Ticket reservations 4 weeks in advance are usually about 60% of total numbers toattend. Advance tickets lock in the best reserved seats, and they also get a 5% earlybird discount.• Independent from available seats, current market analysis provides the followingforecast of attendance:
Low estimate(90%confidence)
Most Likelyestimate (50%confidence)
High estimate(10% confidence)
Saturday eve
Sunday afternoon
= = = end = = =

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