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Section 1: Gathering Ideas
What are at least three possible conflicts or problems your characters might face?
Which of your ideas do you like the best?
Section 2: Planning your Script
Will you be writing a stage play or a screenplay? _____________________
Will you write a comedy or a tragedy? ___________________________
Briefly describe your main characters. What about their personality will affect the action of the story?

Answer these questions about the setting:

When and where does the story take place?

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How does the story affect the values of the characters?

How does the setting affect the action of the story?

What is the inciting incident that launches your story?
Rising Action
How did scene 1 end? What is the inciting incident?
The rising action begins just after the inciting incident and should build the action of the story. The rising action has three parts: the choice, the reversal, and the disaster. Complete the table below to plan out these elements of your story.
The Choice In response to the inciting incident, the main character makes a choice that will direct the action of the story. What choice will your character make?

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The Reversal The main character realizes his or her original plan won’t work. How does your character come to this realization and what does your character do next?

The Disaster Things go from bad to worse. This is the darkest hour for the main character. What happens to your character?

What events lead to the climax?
What is the decisive moment that will end the conflict?
How does your character realize what he or she needs to do?
How will you resolve any remaining details?
How do you want your audience to feel when the play or show ends?

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