GC21 Construction Contract

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 Undertake a comparative analysis of the GC21 Construction Contract – Ed. 2 (2012) with the ABIC MW-1 2003 Major Works Contract.You are required to provide an introductory commentary on the main differences in the general nature, approaches, philosophies and objectives of each contract and then compare and contrast the way in which the contracts deal with five (5) of the following contractual areas:  i)  Superintendent Role (including certification role) ii)  Nominated Subcontractors/Suppliers iii)  Latent Conditions iv)  Occupational Health & Safety v)  Variations vi)  Payments vii)  Time Extensions & Delay Cost Claims viii)  Practical Completion & Defects Liability ix)  Dispute Resolution  The analysis should conclude with your reflections on the main advantages and disadvantages of each contract generally and then specifically in relation to the contractual areas chosen for analysis.  Further guidance on assessment criteria will be provided in class.

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