Genetic Technology, Reproductive Biology and Genetics

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1.  Explain the main components of male and female reproductive system.
2.  Explain the main reproductive hormones in female and describe their role in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
3.  Compare the processes of mitosis and explain their significance.
4.  Define key terms in genetics and summarise the outcomes of simple monohybrid crosses.
5.  Predict the results of non-mendelian inheritance genetics problems.
6.  Name the main features of male and female reproductive systems and relate features to function
7.  Describe the functions of FSH, LH, progesterone and oestrone in controlling the menstrual cycle
8.  Apply knowledge to specific issues such as of hormones in fertility treatments (IVF) and use of hormones in contraceptives.
9.  Identify the different stages in the processes of mitosis from diagrams/photomicrographs
10.Compare and contrast meiosis and explain the biological significance of the differences 
11.Describe and explain the significance of meiosis (reduction division) with reference to spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
12.Define key terms such as dominant, recessive, homozygous, heterozygous, gene, allele, locus, phenotype, genotype.
13.Predict the results from simple monohybrid crosses. 
Demonstrate use of non- mendelian inheritance mechanisms: gender; sex-linkage; incomplete/ co-dominance and multiple alleles (blood groups) in a range of contexts. 

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