Geology Questions

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1.Many of the products you use everyday are derived from petrochemicals, substances obtained by the refining and processing of petroleum or natural gas. While there are great debates occurring worldwide about human’s use of petroleum as a fuel source, there are many products you might not think about that are manufactured using petrochemicals. List five products that are manufactured using petrochemicals that you would not want to do without.
2. Many of the mineral resources we use are extracted from extensive open-pit mines throughout the United States. These mining operations provide jobs and resources that our country needs. They also require extensive set-asides of both public and private lands and can destroy habitat for vulnerable species. How do we balance our resource needs and protect our natural lands and water supplies?
3. Water is in constant flux as it moves through the various reservoirs in the hydrologic cycle. As our global population expands, which of these reservoirs will be most severely impacted by human populations and how can some of those impacts be mitigated?
4. Laterite soils in tropical climates can support lush vegetation and tropical rainforests, yet cannot support agriculture production. Why?

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