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Journal 1 – Giussani
1.. The response should address with clarity and precision each and all points asked about in the prompt. For instance, if the prompt asks you to explain an idea and to support this idea with quotations from the reading, the answer is complete only if you do both!
2. Responses should be one page long (single-spaced, 12 pts, Times New Roman). Please ensure your responses are grammatical and without typos.
3. For quotations: always introduce your quotation with colon. Use quotation marks for the beginning and the end of your quotation. Every quotation should be followed by the reference to the name of the author and the page number of the reading, both in brackets. For instance, if you quote from page 3 of Giussani’s The Religious Sense, your reference should read as follows: (Giussani, p. 3).
In Giussanis book The Religious Sense, the Italian philosopher and theologian Luigi Giussani introduces the principle of “realism,” according to which “the method is imposed by the object.” In his view, this principle is crucial to understand that different aspects of life and reality can and should be known in different ways, through different methods.
We live in a world in which the majority of people think that science constitutes the only legitimate method to know the nature of reality. However, if we followed Giussani’s principle of realism, we should conclude that science cannot be the only legitimate method of knowledge. While it is clear that certain questions (for instance, “What is the molecular structure of water?”) can only be answered by science (“The molecular structure of water is H20”), it also seems that other questions should be addressed with a different method. For instance, we value friendship greatly in our life. Can we know what friendship is simply based on science? What other “method” should we use to know what friendship is?

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