Global Accounting Issues

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Assessment Brief:
Course Code: ACC6019
Course Title: UK and Global Accounting Issues
Referencing Styles: Harvard
Words: 2000
The individual assignment
Select one of the areas below:
Evaluate the current state of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting.
Evaluate the extent to which recent changes to audit regulation has improved the quality of financial reports.
Evaluate the usefulness of narrative reporting.
Evaluate the usefulness of financial statements for decision-makers.
Select two countries and compare and contrast their approaches to company reporting with reference to legal, institutional and cultural influences.
The reflective statement
A statement that reviews the journey you have taken to produce your final poster and reflect on what you have learned from this part of the module,
The reflective statement should contain the following:
Main body. Each paragraph should address one key issue and should:
(a).  Describe the issues identified.
(b).  Discuss your feelings about the event/experience.
Assess how it affects your understanding and how it can be linked to your learning.
(c).  Explain how it will affect your actions (for example implications for future study/work, any future development you have identified from the process etc.)

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