Governance & Citizenship in Australia

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POLI1008: Governance & Citizenship in Australia- Essay Writing Assignment
The Essay Plan is a necessary preparation task for assessment two (essay). Therefore, the Essay Plan should not be seen as a separate exercise from the essay.The Essay Plan should be written in succinct, coherent grammatical sentences. Dot points, numbered points, dashes, or any form of truncated listing is not permitted.The Essay Plan must include:1. your interpretation and understanding of the chosen essay topic;2. the internal structure of the essay including key themes, issues, and arguments you propose to include in your essay; and3. a list of resources (reference list) you will use to support the essay, including academic journal articles, academic texts, and other pertinent publications.The Essay Plan is an opportunity for you to submit your initial research and understanding of the essay topic. Your Tutor will provide guidance and feedback to support your essay preparation.
Assessment #2 – Essay Due Early OctoberThe Essay is a major piece of scholarly work that should be viewed as a “process of development”. The Teaching Team (comprising tutors, L 3 and library staff) will during weeks 3 to 11 provide skills workshops and other resources to support your work. The essay enables you to demonstrate your understanding of the structure andprocesses of government in Australia, and your capacity to critically discuss key debates and issues in contemporary Australia:
Essay topics:1. Australian politics is based on a two party system. Critically analyse this assertion with particular attention to forming government and passing legislation.
2. The High Court has been instrumental in shaping Australian federalism. Examine this statement in regards to the High Court’s role in key changes to Commonwealth/State relations and pow

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