Government embassies

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Task Description: Students must explain through research evidence how cross-cultural training is effective
in developing essential skills of global managers. As well as enhancing and adjustment of performance of
global managers and virtual global teams. The need to justify how cross-cultural research can prepare
future global managers in their overseas assignments.
Referencing and Research Requirement: All sources MUST be referenced using Harvard Anglia
referencing style. Evidence of academic research that supports your analysis is needed and must include
at least 10 academic references from relevant academic and peer-reviewed journal articles, news articles
and periodicals as well as from the Internet, Travel books, Government embassies, Chamber of
Marking criteria Research Essay – Individual Assessment
o Identification of cross-cultural issues 25%
o Analysis of implications 25%
o Linkage to theory 20%
o Recommendations / conclusions 20%
o Presentation 1

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