graph of opennessversus time

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Calculate openness for each of the two countries. Explain how you calculatedopenness (do not show the calculations or raw data). Using a graph of opennessversus time, explain in up to 50 words how openness has changed for thesecountries from 1985 to 2005. Make sure your graph is properly labelled.2. Explain in up to 100 words the relationship between openness and economicdevelopment by calculating the correlation coefficient between GDP per capita(proxy for economic development) and openness for each of the two countries,respectively. [Here you have to use the CORREL command in Excel]. DO NOTATTACH YOUR DATA TO THE ASSIGNMENT.3. Explain in up to 300 words the factors that you think drive openness in these twocountries. [Note that these factors can be positive or negative]. If you useinformation, reference it. References do not count in the word count.

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