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Meeting in groups of 3 people to
discuss 3 areas to help us GROW in our
relationship to Christ, with each other
and to His mission!
Connect & Serve Others
The Apostle Paul stated in
Ephesians 4 that gifted leaders
are given to the body to equip, empower
and release the saints to do “the work of
service, to build up the body of Christ.” We
should use the gifts Christ has given to us
to encourage and edify the other parts of
the body of Christ.
In addition to our service to each other
we “speak the truth to each other”. James
5:16 says, “Therefore, confess your sins to
one another, and pray for one another so
that you may be healed.” Some questions/
areas we could be discussing:
QUESTIONS: (Loving One Another)
1. Are you in a small group of believers?
2. How are you serving others in the
family of God? (Are you using your gifts?)
3. What sins (lust of the flesh, lust of the
eyes or pride) are tempting you this
4. Holding ill-will toward anyone?
5. Have you looked at anything sexually
explicit or had sensual thoughts?
6. Are you guilty of falsehood or stealing?
7. Are you guilty of covetousness or envy?
Connect to the Mission
Jesus said in John 20:21 “As the
Father has sent me… even so I send
you.” Jesus came to us on a mission and now
He sends us to the world on His mission. We
are to go and take the Gospel to the world
and to make disciples of Jesus.
The challenge is that many disciples are not
praying and are not taking the gospel to
their world. In this section we take time to
pray for by name 2-3 people.
QUESTIONS: (Loving our Neighbor)
1. Are you making yourself available for
those who are seeking Christ?
2. Have you been praying for those who you
know are lost? Who?
3. Are you serving people outside of your
comfort zone to share the gospel? How?
4. Have you actively listened to others who
are seeking God? Example?
5. Have you shown and told the Gospel in
day to day life. Eating with seekers?
6. Who is the person of peace that the Lord
is directing you to? How is it going?
7. Are you praying for laborers? Lk. 10:2
Discipleship Simplified and Illustrated:
In Ephesians chapter one, the Apostle Paul
is declaring to the church that God has
exalted Jesus and placed “all things under
his feet and appointed him to be head over
everything for the church, which is his body,
the fullness of him who fills everything in
every way” (Eph. 1:22-23).
Now in this passage we see terms like
feet, head and body. These terms indicate
that the church is not like a body, but the
church IS His body. This is a declaration
that the church is the body of Christ and
He is the head of the body. The Apostle
Paul elaborates on this in letters written
to the church at Rome and the Corinthian
church as well.
In these passages it is clear that Jesus is the
head of the body, believers are members
of the body and the body when formed
becomes the hands and feet of Jesus to
the world.
Since the church is the body of Christ
our goal is to connect the individual
members to the Head (UPward),
connect all the members to the
body (INward) and connect
the functioning body to the
mission (OUTward).
What is a GROWTH Group?
A GROWTH Group is a group of 3 persons of
the same sex, who gather together weekly
to encourage each other to make progress
in their walk with Christ.
The purpose of a GROWTH group is for us to
grow in our relationships to Christ, to each
other and to His mission. This plan is meant
to be simple, relational and reproducible.
There are only 3 directions that make up this
simple plan.
UPward- time in God’s Word
and in His presence through
prayer. Reading and reflecting
on Scripture and recording
Prayer requests and insights.
INward- connected to the other
parts of the body in a small
group, confession of sins and
using your spiritual gift(s) to
build each other up in the Lord.
OUTward- connecting the body
to the mission of Christ. The group
regularly prays for opportunities
to share Christ.
The goal would be that every believer
discovers their connection to Christ, to His
body and to His mission (100% is the goal).
Connect to Christ
Jesus told His disciples in John
15, that we should “abide” in Him.
Abiding in Christ means that we spend
time in His Word and we spent time in His
presence through prayer and meditation.
We practice a simple form of prayer
like A.C.T.S. Adoration/ Confession/
Thanksgiving and Supplication. Or using
the Lord’s Prayer as an outline.
We also agree to read 25 chapters per
week (equal to reading through the Bible
in one year) and we record insights from
God’s Word as the Holy Spirit leads.
QUESTIONS: (Loving God)
1. How is your reading going this week?
2. What is God saying to you through His
Word? Writing it down? Memorizing?
3. Are you spending time in prayer every
day? Explain your prayer practice.
4. What is God saying to you through
your time in prayer? Are you writing it
5. What is the Holy Spirit revealing to
6. What are you attempting only with
the Spirit’s enabling? Dreams/ Visions?
7. Are you fasting for or about anything?

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