Guidelines for Process Analysis

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For this assignment, you will write a directional process analysis, 500-550 words in length, explaining how the various steps of a procedure lead to its successful accomplishment.
Your aim is to enable readers (“do-it-yourselfers”) to perform the process themselves. You must equip them with all of the necessary information: describe the materials needed; define unfamiliar terms; present the steps clearly and in (chrono)logical order. Be sure to personalize your essay; don’t make it too mechanical.
Choose a topic narrow enough that you can describe all of the steps of the process within the given word count. You may not use a recipe for this assignment.
Guidelines for Process Analysis
Below are the recommended guidelines to follow as you write your directional process analysis:
Select a process about which you have some expertise. You may select a topic from thePossible Topics for Process Analysis OR choose one of your own.
Brainstormand make an Outline using your chosen topic (keep your notes to aid you throughout the writing process; do not submit these notes through the Dropbox).
Write the rough draft, following your outline, yet bearing in mind that your outline is simply a guide that may change as you develop your essay. Reread and apply theImportant Pointers.
Edit to ensure that you have signaled the movement from one step to the next via conscious paragraphing and well-chosen transitional expressions. (SeeTransitions).
Before you submit your essay, review to ensure that you followedMLA Document Format.
Proofread and submit your essay via the Dropbox: Essay #1Essay #1: Module 2 and 3
Possible Topics for Process Analysis
get fit without getting bored
complain effectively
make (and keep) friends on Facebook
choose a major
toilet train a baby
groom a dog
find the perfect roommate
develop self-confidence
choose a tattoo
get rid of a roommate–without committing a crime
use Twitter
do well in a job interview
succeed in (or flunk out of) university
hand wash a sweater
shop for second-hand clothing
plan the perfect party
get along with an instructor without sucking up
build a great music collection–cheaply and legally
make new friends
survive a night of babysitting
give yourself a haircut
survive a boring university course
pitch a tent in the rain
plan the perfect class schedule
clean a bathroom
housebreak your dog
avoid doing homework
end a relationship
overcome insomnia
dress a toddler for an outing
take decent photographs with your cell phone
gain independence from your parents
rent your first apartment
have the perfect evening alone
avoid a nervous breakdown during exams
survive in St. John’s without a car
endure a mind-numbing part-time job
change a tire
save money while saving the environment
keep peace with a partner or a roommate
build a great sandcastle

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