Health and social care policies

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Guidance for SH4001 Assessment 2, a 2,000 word report
70% of total mark
Students should present a written report which identifies at least one social determinant of health and describe how it is being addressed in the selected area or setting which draws on your learning from er presentation and relates to the same selected area or setting. The work must demonstrate achievement of Learning Outcomes 3 and 4
Describe selected health and social care policies
Identify the social determinants of health and the relationship to health inequalities
Students must refer to relevant academic sources and use the Harvard Referencing Style
Word Limit: 2,000 words (excluding references)
Students should follow three key areas:
Student presents demographic information about the selected area and is able to identify one health and social care need; provide a clear account of the social determinants of health; identifies at least 1 social determinant in relation to the health and social care issue identified in the selected geographical area and can discuss this in relation to inequalities in health.
Student should identify a policy relevant to the health inequality addressed in the previous section. Student should then present a discussion of how the policy set outs to address the health inequality
Students should identify an example of a current public health intervention that is in place in the selected area which addresses the health inequality. Students should identify if the public health provision links to the policy recommendations.
Students should attend to correct academic presentation of their work. Work should be presented in report format, should have a clear structure with an introduction and conclusion. Correct academic presentation includes double spacing your work, and providing page numbers. Attention to carefully editing work for grammar and spelling. Students must follow the Harvard referencing system.
Additional Guidance for Submission of the Report
Please see detailed report guidance in the assessment details folder.
Please also see the week 15 folder for additional guidance.
Drafts should be submitted on turnitin. Dates are available on web learn
Submit your work online to Turnitin, via the module Web learn page

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