health issue and location some health inequalities

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Research Subjects/Topics
1a. Identify the social determinates related to your chosen health issue and location:1b. Explore the relationship between the identified social determinates using a health inequality model (one example, Dahlgren-Whitehead Rainbow Model, 1991)2a. Identify and critically evaluate strategies to address the local health inequalities.2b. Include a theoretical perspective like the social, medical or psychosocial model to support the identified strategies
Research strategies
Databases and search engines: Background searches: Search terms: Inclusion/exclusion criteria: Websites:
Hierarchy of Sources
Justify the use of specific resources and explain any limitations
Harvard Referencing
Provide correct Harvard references for all sources. As a minimum: Bartley, M., 2017. Health inequality : an introduction to concepts, theories and methods. [e-book] Cambridge: Polity Press. Available through: ARU Library. Naidoo, J. and Wills, J., 2016. Foundations for Health Promotion. [e-book] Elsevier Health Sciences. Available through: ARU Library. Warwick-Booth, L., Cross, R. and Lowcock, D., 2021. Contemporary health studies: An introduction. [e-book] John Wiley & Sons. Available through: ARU Library. 8-10 independently researched academic sources from the ARU library Websites

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For example, the report will contain an inequality model, the Dahlgren-Whitehead Rainbow Model (1991), and conclude with improvement strategies from a theoretical perspective like the social or medical model. Throughout the report, it should focus on the local disparities and chosen health issue.

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