Health Organizations can have Public Hospitals

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Regarding the group assessment, please note that the students need not choose a specific organisation. You can go with a broader category of organisation type from the list.
For example, Health Organizations can have Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Imaging Practices, Pathology and Pharmaceuticals
Students can select one from the above list and discuss about the business process.
Same applies for other two organization types too.
In the main context diagram, you can include the Infrastructure, Applications and Processes (you need to include this information from your report from the sections of Information Gathering and Technology). The Market Clients can be kept as it is or replaced with a simpler term “Clients”
As you can see, there is a context diagram in the centre and you have a few others to be listed in the left hand side (LHS) and the right hand side (RHS) of the context diagram.
LHS should include:
1. Vision and Mission
2. Stakeholders
3. Strategic Objectives and Goals
RHS should include:
1. Concepts and Principles with respect to Business, Information and Infrastructure
2. Projects and Deliverables
The diagram is a requirement of the assessment, however, try to have limited information to keep the diagram simple. Students can draw the diagram using, an online drawing tool.

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