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Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment
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Alternative Methods of Construction Assignment Brief
Assignment Brief and Guidance
You have been employed as an architectural technician working for a large company which specialises in alternative construction and Brown Fields developments. The managing director of the company is seeking to expand their client base, and wishes to have a brochure that will provide information for potential clients to understand the context in which the company operates. As an example of what the company can provide, you are also asked to prepare an outline design proposal for a building type of your choice or high-rise residential /commercial buildings, utilising alternative methods of construction.
Your brochure should highlight the following:
An overview of the development of construction and its impact on the built environment and assessing the effectiveness of government targets and national statistics on environmental protection.
The impact of construction on the environment, society and the economy; and how alternative methods of construction may incorporates these; also elucidating this by the evaluation of how a specific alternative construction method can be utilised to highlight this stated impact.
Explore alternative methods of construction in a historical context and make a comparison of alternative construction methods that may apply to a specific building type (chosen by you). Further examine how Alternative Construction Methods can be used for commercial and domestic contexts.
An overview of key government policies, strategy and legislations regarding industrial site and development of heritage industrial buildings and legislation that support alternative methods of construction, in this context clearly illustrates the implications and constraints of the requisite government policies concerning the use of Alternative Construction methods.
The design proposal, which will accompany the brochure, should include the following:
A clear design brief involving the use of Alternative Construction Methods, explaining the nature of the building type, use, etc. Justify appropriately your choice and use of the chosen Alternative method of Construction.
Basic plans, sections and details (produced in CAD/BIM software) highlighting the use of alternative construction methods/construction strategies. Evaluate herein the effectiveness of using CAD software and BIM.
Research materials, as required, to explain and jusify the alternative construction techniques to be deployed.
A concise overview of the ways in which the design proposal meets government policy and regulations through the use of alternative forms of construction.
Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
Pass Merit Distinction
LO1 Examine how the construction industry impacts on the environment, and how changes in the industry can create broader social and economic benefits.
P1 Explore how the construction industry has an impact on the built environment.
P2 Examine how social and economic factors have an effect on the construction industry.
M1 Assess how effective government targets and national statistics have been on environmental protection. LO1 LO2
D1 Evaluate the impact of specifying an alternative construction method on environmental protection.
LO2 Explore alternative construction methods which are fit for purpose in a given context.
P3 Examine the development of alternative construction methods using historic precedents.
P4 Explore alternative construction methods which can be used for commercial or domestic use.
M2 Compare alternative construction methods in terms of effectiveness, cost and performance.
LO3 Discuss government policy implications and health & safety constraints associated with alternative construction methods.
P5 Examine how government policies have had an impact on building design.
P6 Explore the health & safety considerations associated with alternative construction methods.
M3 Illustrate the implications and constraints of government policies on the use of alternative construction methods. LO3 LO4
D2 Justify the use of a chosen alternative construction method.
LO4 Present a design proposal, utilising a selected alternative construction method, and explain how it is ‘fit for purpose’ in the given context.
P7 Produce a design proposal, using computer-aided drawing tools, utilising alternative construction methods. M4 Evaluate the effectiveness of using computer-aided drawing software and BIM.
P8 Present a design proposal that utilises alternative methods of construction.

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