HIST 1110 — Review Assignment #2

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HIST 1110 — Review Assignment #2 (10%)
Due 29 October 2021
Please answer ALL of the following FIVE questions. Each question is of equal value. While you are free to refer to material and ideas that we have covered so far and to the essays contained in the course text, The Color of Time, your answers must reflect your own, individual work. Please do not use the internet or any other external source for your answers. Answers that do not comply with these instructions will receive a mark of zero.
This complete assignment should take approximately 50-60 minutes to complete. Please submit your answers to the Review Assignment #2 link on Assignments in the Blackboard Menu, no later than Friday, 29 October. Good luck!
What do the British implementation of direct rule in India (1857) and the so-called European ‘Scramble for Africa’ (1885-1914) reveal about the nature of western imperialism in the late 19th century? Please use specific examples to illustrate your answer.
In what ways were urban architecture and urban culture in North America different by 1910 than they had been in the 1880s? Again, please provide specific examples.
In 1910, European monarchs gathered to mourn the death of Britain’s King Edward VII. A photograph was taken of nine of them (see The Color of Time, pp. 253-54). In your opinion, what were the strengths and/or weaknesses of European monarchies during the period 1880-1910?
In 1905, Japan — by now a constitutional monarchy with an industrial economy – defeated Russia (The Color of Time, pp. 240-42). Three years later, a 2-year-old boy was designated successor to the late Empress Dowager Cixi (The Color of Time, p. 67-68). What do these two events tell us about the balance of power in Asia on the eve of World War I? As always, please provide specific examples.
By 1910, there had been no major war in Europe for 95 years. If you were alive at that time and were a betting person, what odds would you give that continental peace would last for at least another decade? (You may express your answer in terms of a percentage e.g. a 75% chance of peace lasting). Briefly, explain your decision.

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