Homework # 1 – Sentinel Perioperative Event

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Homework # 1-Sentinel Perioperative Event
Dead Links, Wrong References, Wikipedia Citations, Kids Video sites will not be accepted and you will not get a reminder!
Please provide proper citation with page numbers of the material you are referencing in your homework paper. Homework assignment should be 1-2 pages, not including reference page, double-spaced.
Homework 2-Interview someone with a history of cardiac issue (i.e. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, CHF, myocardial infarction, etc.).
How long has the client had the issue(s)?
Is there a family history of cardiac issues?
What medications are being taken to address the issue? (List name, dosage, and frequency of medications related to the cardiac condition ONLY).
How is the cardiac condition being managed?
Discuss any education you provided to the client regarding his or her treatment plan. ( 2 key points)

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