How have employer organisations shaped industrial

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Question 1:
There is increasing discussion of a ‘wage crisis’ in Australia. How has this crisis evolved?
Question 2:
Is the state a partisan player in industrial relations? If so, whose side is it on? If not, how does it ensure fairness to all parties?
Question 3:
How have employer organisations shaped industrial relations in recent years?
Question 4:
Is the claim of widespread union corruption a valid criticism or a political tool?
Question 5:
Given recognition of widespread ‘regulatory avoidance’ by employers, what should be the government’s response?
Question 6:
Why has union membership fallen so much in recent decades? What, for you, are two key factors that explain this trend?
Question 7:
What are some of the key strengths and weaknesses of alternative voice mechanisms for workplace democracy?
Question 8:
How does the ‘ideal worker’ construct explain problems that women commonly face in the workplace?
Question 9:
Why has there been a low level of industrial action in Australia in recent years? Incorporate discussion of the Fair Work Act into your answer.
Question 10:
Is union organisation a threat to workplace productivity?

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