HR function in Contemporary Organisations

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1HR5041 ASSESSMENT INFORMATIONManaging and Coordinating the HR functionComponent 1 (70% weighting)Report on the HR function in Contemporary Organisations (2,500 words)TaskYou will prepare an individually written report. The topic of the report is;Evaluate the effectiveness of the HR function in contemporary organisations fordriving talent management strategies. You should consider the issues in at least twodifferent organisational and country settings.The deadline for this; Monday 15th November, 2021 at 4pm.Task informationYou will submit an individually written report that evaluates how effective the HRfunction is in contemporary organisation for driving and supporting talentmanagement strategies. In your report you should evaluate these issues in at leasttwo different organisations and country settings. This means you should reference totwo different countries and two different organisational types in each of thosecountries. You can evaluate more country and organisational types but be carefulthat are still able to go into significant depth of analysis if you explore more countryand organisational settings.You should reference the course material explored in the module including lecturematerials and readings that you will explore on the module. However, you are alsoexpected to conduct your own research to identify the issues relating to the nature ofthe HR function in different country and organisational settings. In this respect thecountry and organisational settings that you select will be based on your ownresearch.The structure of your reportYour report should be structured in the following way. Please note that the wordcount for each section has been provided as an approximation;• A title page• Executive summary (always written in the past tense and should summarizethe main findings of the report)• Contents page• Introduction to the topic. This should include an outline of the nature of the HRfunction and how it has evolved in different countries to drive talentmanagement. This section should include a definition of the HR function, it’s2evolution and strategic focus and a definition of talent management and howHRM can drive competitive advantage (approx. 750 words)• Discussion of issues relating to the effectiveness of the HR function in twodifferent countries and organizational settings. This should include a criticalevaluation of different people strategies used by organisations for achievingcompetitive advantage e.g. human resource planning, recruitment andselection, talent management strategies, diversity management, employerbranding, employee engagement and performance management. Thisevaluation should be conducted through a critical lens to consider theeffectiveness of the structure and delivery of HRM in different countries andorganizational settings. You can present this section in two different chaptersto reflect the different country settings (1500 words)• Conclusions. In this section you should identify the key conclusions that canbe drawn from your report and analysis relating to the effectiveness of the HRfunction in driving talent management strategies in different countries andorganizational settings (approx 250 words)• Reference List using Cite Them Right Harvard Conventions.• Appendix (remember that important information should be summarised andincluded in the main body of your report)• Your work should be presented in Arial or Times New Roman Font 12.Marking criteria• Knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts from this module(40%)• Application of academic concepts and models to the analysis of the countryand organisational settings (35%)• Presentation including structure, language and grammar (15%)• Referencing in accordance with Cite Them Right (10%)Learning outcome assessedLearning outcomes1. Understand the purpose and key objectives of the HR function incontemporary organisations.2. Understand the relationship between organisational performance andeffective HR management and development.Knowledge3. Have a strategic perspective on the purpose and key objectives of the HRfunction in contemporary organisations and talent planning strategies withinboth the UK labour market and in different country contexts for meetingcurrent and future business needs.Thinking skills4. Critically evaluate the various people-resourcing strategies used byorganisations for achieving competitive advantage. These may relate to3human resource planning, recruitment and selection, talent managementstrategies, diversity management, employer branding, employee engagementand performance management.Component 2 (30% weighting)Presentation on Value Added HRM (15 minutes in a group of approx. 4-5)TaskThe evolution of the HR function to business partner has meant a decline in theemployee champion role for HR. Explore ways through people resourcing strategiesand wider HRM activities how the employee champion role can become the heart ofthe HR function.Task informationIn your groups you should prepare a 15-minute presentation that explores the impactof the Ulrich-inspired business partner model on how the HR function can supportemployee well-being and their needs. You should first conduct an analysis of theevolution to the business partner model and the impact on the employee championrole. Secondly you should explore HRM strategies and activities can rebuild theimportance of the employee champion in the delivery of HR. You should evaluate thechallenges and enablers to this.Structure of your presentation• Introduction – outline the key objectives and arguments you will be making inthe presentation• Main body – explore the evolution of the HR function and the impact of thebusiness partner model. Evaluate the current position of the employeechampion role and consider ways this can be enhanced through HRMactivities. You should analyse the challenges and enablers to the HR functionadopted the position of employee champion• Conclusions – draw together the main conclusions of your presentation andpotential future directions.• Reference list• You should draw on a range of module content and your own team research• All content should be referenced in accordance with Cite Them Right• All group member must present a section of the presentation• Presentations will take place in the last two weeks of term.Marking criteria• Knowledge and understanding of theories and concepts from this module(35%)• Application of academic concepts and models to the analysis of developingthe employee champion role (35%)4• Quality of visuals used in the presentation to support the analysis, includingstructure and logical flow (20%)• Referencing in accordance with Cite Them Right (10%)Learning outcome assessed5. Discuss and challenge the ethical dimensions of people-resourcing strategiesand practices, with reference to both traditional and critical perspectives.Subject-based practical skills6. Understanding the ethical approach in HRMSkills for life and work (general skills)7. Demonstrate enhanced interpersonal, communication, team working andpresentation skills.8. Begin to demonstrate ability in critical thinking.Deadline for the submission The presentations will take place during the last twoweeks of the term. You will allocated a time slot for your presentation the 6th week ofterm. You should ensure you submit a copy of your presentation via Turn-it-inby 4 p.m. 17th December 2021.General Information about Submitting your workWe strongly suggest that you try to submit all coursework by the deadline set asmeeting deadlines is expected in employment. However, in our regulations, UELhas permitted students to be able to submit their coursework up to 24 hours after thedeadline. Coursework which is submitted late, but within 24 hours of the deadline,will be assessed but subject to a fixed penalty.The impact of the fixed penalty on your result will depend what level of study you arein and when you began your course at UEL. For full details see Part 3, Manual ofGeneral Regulations at .Please note that if you submit twice, once before the deadline and once during the24 hour late period, then the second submission will be marked and the fixed penaltyapplied.This rule only applies to coursework. It does not apply to examinations,presentations, performances, practical assessments or viva voce examinations. Ifyou miss these for a genuine reason, then you will need to apply for extenuatingcircumstances, or accept that you will receive a zero mark.Reassessment5Reassessment for any failed components will take place within 40 days of theoriginal submission. More details in relation to resubmission will be published on theHR5006 Moodle page during the term.Guidance on referencingAs a student, you will be taught how to write correctly referenced essaysusing UEL’s standard Harvard referencing system from Cite Them Right. CiteThem Right is the standard Harvard referencing style at UEL for all Schools apartfrom the School of Psychology which uses the APA system.The electronic version of Cite Them Right: The Essential Referencing Guide (11thedition), can be accessed whilst on or off campus via UEL the link below and willteach you all you need to know about Harvard referencing, plagiarism and collusion.The book can only be read online and no part of it can be printed nor downloaded.Further information is available at:Cite Them Right you are accessing off campus:• Click Login• Select University of East London from the list of institutions• Click Log In at University of East London• Enter your UEL email address and passwordHarvard referencing: Integrity: is hereby given that all submissions for component [insert name(s) ofcomponent(s)] of this Module must be submitted to Turnitin.” If you fail to submitcomponent [insert name(s) of component(s)], to Turnitin, in accordance with theguidance provided on the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), a mark of 0 will beawarded for the component.Submitting Assessments Using Turnitin:Turnitin is required for coursework assessments, such as report/research papers orprojects in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and in PDF format. There are two mainreasons we want you to use Turnitin:• Turnitin can help you avoid academic breaches and plagiarism. When youuse Turnitin before a submission deadline, you can use the Originality Reportfeature to compare your work to thousands of other sources (like websites,Wikipedia, and even other student papers). Anything in your work thatidentically matches another source is highlighted for you to see. When you6use this feature before the deadline, you will have time to revise your work toavoid an instance of academic breach/plagiarism.• Turnitin saves paper. When using Turnitin to electronically submit your work,you will almost never have to submit a paper copy.Late Submissions Using TurnitinUEL has permitted students to be able to submit their coursework up to 24 hoursafter the deadline. Assessments that are submitted up to 24 hours late are stillmarked, but with a deduction in marks (see above). However, you have to be verycareful when you are submitting your assessment. If you submit your worktwice, once using the original deadline link and then again using the late submissionlink on Turnitin, your assignment will be graded as late.Turnitin System FailureBest advice: Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your assessmentselectronically. If you experience a problem submitting your work with Turnitin, youshould notify your lecturer/tutor by email immediately. However, deadlines are notextended unless there is a significant systems problem with Turnitin. UEL hasspecific plans in place to address these issues. If UEL finds that the issue with thesystem was significant, you will receive an email notifying you of the issue andthat you have been given a 24-hour extension. If you don’t receive any emailthat specifically states you have been given an extension, then the originaldeadline has not been changed.Return of Work and FeedbackYou will receive a provisional grade on your assessed work within 15 working daysof submitting your work. These marks will be available via Moodle. Generic feedbackwill also be provided to the whole class in relation to common learning that can begained from the assessments. This will be discussed in lectures and available onMoodle.

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