HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care

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HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care
Assignment 1
Modules 2, 3, and 4 Case Study
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HUCL1101 – Assignment 1
© 2017 Bow Valley College 2
HUCL1101 – Assignment 1
Value: 36 marks (worth 16.5% of your overall grade in the course).
Academic Honesty
Ensure you are aware of the College policies on Academic Honesty and Plagiarism. These are
taken very seriously at the College even if the dishonesty or plagiarism is unintentional. Please
also know that taking credit for work you did not contribute to is also considered Academic
Dishonesty and will be reported.
This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. Turnitin is a web-based service that checks the
assignment against its database of materials that contain other learner’s work as well as
electronic academic materials.
Learners find the Turnitin report useful for editing papers. The report will include incorrect use
of referencing, too many quotes, and paraphrases. If the Turnitin report, for your first draft,
shows a high percentage of matching text, this will give you an opportunity to review and edit
your assignment for proper citations and more original analysis. Once you make your edits, it is
possible to submit your work to Turnitin again. Turnitin will know not to match the text in your
second draft with text in your first draft, and so on. It is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before
you submit the second draft.
Faculty find Turnitin useful as a tool to teach learners proper citation practices and highlight the
need for more learner originality. Faculty can also use Turnitin as a tool to detect possible
instances of plagiarism and academic dishonesty.
Academic dishonesty can lead to a zero for this. Ensure you have read the Chiu School of
Business Learner Handbook for more information about the Academic Honesty Policy. If you
have any questions, contact your instructor.
HUCL1101 – Assignment 1
© 2017 Bow Valley College 3
Once you have completed the modules 1-4 prepare a word document that addresses the three
Scenario Questions regards to the Assignment Scenario.
1. Completed the modules 1-4.
2. Read the Scenario Questions.
3. Read the Assignment Scenario.
4. Use the information provided in HUCL1101: Role Concepts and any other academically
reliable resources.
5. Once you have read the Assignment Scenario, prepare a paper that answers the Scenario
Questions applying the Assignment Guidelines.
Scenario Questions
Answer the following questions giving full explanations for your answers.
1. Identify and explain which of Carla’s needs are not being met.
2. How does the interference with these needs effect Carla’s wellbeing? Include a description of
any coping techniques you have identified.
3. Is time management an issue in this scenario? If so, what changes could be made by Daniel,
Carla and the other staff members?
Hint: consider Maslow’s Hierarchy, wellness, stress management, time management
Assignment Guidelines:
1. Have the following content:
a. Title Page.
b. Answer the Scenario Questions giving full explanations for your answers.
i. Each answer is to be a maximum of 1 page/question.
c. Reference Page (portion of the APA marks).
2. Be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. You must include a separate reference
page listing your sources. Please refer to Bow Valley College’s Learning Resource, APA
Formatting Guide
3. Be typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font.
4. Use 2.0 (double) line spacing.
5. You must cite ALL of your sources using APA formatting (please refer to Bow Valley
College’s Learning Resource Services Page on citations: for further information).
6. All submissions must be run through Turnitin, which is anti-plagiarism software.
7. You will receive a mark of zero if your work is copied or plagiarized and further disciplinary
action will be taken in accordance with the academic honesty policy.
8. All work must be in APA format. Please see the following and your program page with respect to
academic honesty and plagiarism.
9. Your paper will be marked in accordance with the marking rubric for this assignment.
10. Submit your assignment in the D2L Dropbox provided.
HUCL1101 – Assignment 1
© 2017 Bow Valley College 4
Assignment Scenario
Carla is a new graduate from Bow Valley College. She chose not to enrol for work experience
because she felt nervous about being ‘placed’ in a health care facility and felt happier being able
to choose where she worked.
Carla was a quiet student and had always felt like the ‘odd one out’ in class. Her classmates were
friendly enough but she did not spend time with any of them outside of the classroom. She had
always lacked self-confidence but just assumed she would feel better once she passed her exams
and started working. She had a passion for the medical industry and want to help people. Her
goal was to be the best office assistant ever.
Carla’s first job was in a small clinic in the suburbs of Calgary not far from where she lived.
When the job was offered to her, she understood that she would spend most of her time on the
front desk helping clients, making appointments and performing administrative tasks. On her
first day the other staff were welcoming and friendly but soon left her alone to get on with her
daily tasks. Carla noticed that when she was left alone the other staff would gather in the kitchen,
drink coffee and chat.
Unfortunately for Carla, her first day was ‘one of those days’. There were scheduling errors that
caused frustration in the waiting area and an unusually high number of telephone calls. The work
space was such a mess that Carla couldn’t find paperwork she required or client files that had
been left out for the morning’s appointments. Carla felt quite confident answering the phone on
the first few occasions but the more the phone rang, the more flustered she became and one caller
became so demanding Carla didn’t know what else to do but hang up the phone. One client in the
waiting area appeared to be intoxicated and began harassing the other clients who all looked to
Carla to do something but it was her first day and although she knew she thought she was
expected to intervene, she wasn’t sure of practice policy and was too nervous. When she looked
around for help, none of the other staff could be found.
Eventually, Daniel who was supposed to be Carla’s mentor, came to the waiting area. He was
shocked to see flustered clients, files all over the desk and Carla sitting staring at a ringing
“What an earth is going on here?” he said to Carla who promptly burst into tears and ran to the
staff room and slammed the door.
When Daniel found her, Carla was composed and apologised. “I am so sorry Daniel, I know I
should have been able to deal with the front desk alone, I’m sorry it won’t happen again. I don’t
know what happened and I should have been able to cope, I’m useless, sorry.”
Daniel accepted Carla’s apology and told her that she could no longer be trusted on the front
desk, the clients’ were all complaining and it just wasn’t good enough. “You can spend most of
your time behind the scenes away from clients, that way you won’t give the clinic a bad
HUCL1101 – Assignment 1
© 2017 Bow Valley College 5
Initially Carla felt relieved that she would never have to go through that again but as she walked
home she started to feel upset again. She had taken her course because she wanted to work on the
front desk and she knew she could be good with people, given the chance. She felt that she had
gone and ruined everything. When she got home she poured herself a large glass of wine as she
knew that would make her feel better. She didn’t have the energy to cook anything so Carla
ordered a pizza and had a large bowl of ice cream while she waited for the pizza to arrive. She
began to cry again.
When she returned to work the next day Daniel gave her a list of tasks that he told Carla needed
to be completed by the end of the day. The list was long and Carla didn’t really know where to
start so she decided to work through them from top to bottom. During the day Carla felt that the
other staff were laughing at her and talking about her behind her back. Feeling the need to be
liked by her colleagues, Carla agreed to do extra tasks when they asked for her help even though
they would tut at her and roll their eyes when she didn’t work quickly enough.
As the weeks went by Carla found it more and more difficult to complete her daily duties and she
was always being asked to help out in other areas of the clinic. Daniel would become
exasperated with her and say things like “You never get your work done” “what do you do all
day?” Carla would work late and come in early but it didn’t seem to help.
Every day on her walk home, Carla would stop at the liquor store and replenish her wine stock, it
was always easier to forget about work in the evening with a glass or two of wine. She had begun
to grind her teeth and woke with a headache and a sick feeling in her stomach.

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