Human Factors in Systems Design CW1 – Individual Research Portfolio Business Proposal Plan

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Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media (CEM) – Course work Specification 2019/20
Module name:
Human Factors in Systems Design
Module code:
Title of the Assignment:
Usability Evaluation
This coursework item is: (delete as appropriate)
This summative coursework will be marked anonymously: (delete as appropriate)
The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are: Practical experience of analysing usability needs Practical experience of formulating precise, testable usability requirements Practical experience of carrying out a usability evaluation of an interactive system using a standard systematic method Experience of report writing  
This coursework is:
The course will comprise of evaluation report of an interactive system  
This coursework constitutes 100% of the overall module mark.
Date Set:
29 Jan. 2019
Date & Time Due:
7 May 2019; 12.30
Your marked coursework and feedback will be available to you on: If for any reason this is not forthcoming by the due date your module leader will let you know why and when it can be expected. The Associate Professor Student Experience ([email protected]) should be informed of any issues relating to the return of marked coursework and feedback.   Note that you should normally receive feedback on your coursework by no later than 20 University working days after the formal hand-in date, provided that you have met the submission deadline.  
When completed you are required to submit your coursework via:   Turnitin   Hardcopy to CEMAC   If you need any support or advice on completing this coursework please visit the Student Matters tab on the Faculty of Technology Blackboard page.  
Late submission of coursework policy: Late submissions will be processed in accordance with current University regulations which state: “the time period during which a student may submit a piece of work late without authorisation and have the work capped at 40% [50% at PG level] if passed is 14 calendar days. Work submitted unauthorised more than 14 calendar days after the original submission date will receive a mark of 0%.  These regulations apply to a student’s first attempt at coursework. Work submitted late without authorisation which constitutes reassessment of a previously failed piece of coursework will always receive a mark of 0%.”   Word Limits Maximum word limit: 3000 words. Where word limits are specified, answers can exceed the word limit by up to 10% without penalty; then a penalty of 20% of the marks for answers that exceed the word limit by up to 30%. Work exceeding the word limit by over 30% will not be marked.
Academic Offences and Bad Academic Practices: These include plagiarism, cheating, collusion, copying work and reuse of your own work, poor referencing or the passing off of somebody else’s ideas as your own. If you are in any doubt about what constitutes an academic offence or bad academic practice you must check with your tutor. Further information and details of how DSU can support you, if needed, is available at: and  
Tasks to be undertaken:   Part A:  A practical activity in seminar session – pictures and/or descriptions would be submitted via Turnitin (on black board)   Part B: Select a suitable interactive systemProduce brief description of system and usersProduce brief description of subset of functionality consideredFormulate a set of 5 precise, testable usability requirementsDefine and describe a systematic evaluation procedureApply the procedure and document the resultsWrite a brief evaluation of the usability of the interactive system  
Deliverables to be submitted for assessment: Practical activity/assignmentReport    
How the work will be marked:       Report read and assessed by tutor  
Module Leader/Tutor name:
Adebowale Owoseni
Contact details:
[email protected]

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