Humanitarian intervention

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2020GIR Global Security
Assessment requirement:
Referencing Styles : Harvard
Course code : 2020GIR
Pages/words : 8 pages/2000 words
You must answer two (2) questions.
Your answer to each of the two questions should consist of a structured essay, with an introduction, a series of paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Your essay should have a clear, defensible argument.
“Other theories have come and gone, but realism remains the best way to explain how global security works.” Do you agree? If so, why? If not, why not?
How was war international order, constructed in the mid-1940s, supposed to maintain global security? What were its key elements? And what challenges did it face?
What was the greatest security challenge to emerge in -Cold War period and why was it the greatest?
Did the practice of humanitarian intervention, as it emerged in the 1990s and afterwards, enhance global security? If so, why? If not, why not?
Why is “new terrorism” so much more lethal than “old terrorism”?
Why do states seek nuclear weapons? Illustrate your answer with at two examples of states that have acquired such weapons.
What does China’s Belt and Road Initiative aim to achieve? Will it be successful?
Why should we automate war? What effects, both positive and negative, will result from the use of autonomous weapons?
How big a problem is political warfare today? Illustrate your answer with the discussion of a recent case of political warfare.

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