HW# Human Reliability Analysis

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HW# Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) course (Please send email to Wail Rashed for any questions ([email protected])) Due date Wednesday May 2, 2018 (9:00 am Chicago time)• IMPORTANT!! English grammar and spelling need to be perfect. • IMPORTANT!! Technical writing professionalism is important (Cohesive and coherent writing, Grammar and formatting).Homework # Related to Human Reliability Analysis (1000 words)• Select one scholarly paper (refereed journal article) focusing on data collection of human performance for a specific task or activity. • The paper must describe an experimental setup to measure human error and discuss quantitative results for data collected using this experimental setup. Literature review papers should not be used. • 1000 words total In 500 words, summarize the paper (background, methods, results) . In 500 words, summarize the types of human errors that could be studied with the experimental setup described in the paper. Think beyond the paper.1

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