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Skills Assessment (Practical Tasks)
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Task 1 – ICT Trends and Opportunities
This assessment task requires you to select one current Information Technology trend and identify three job opportunities within the Australian job market related to that trend.
Create a report that discusses the trend and how you expect it to emerge over the next 5 years. Outline the entry requirements and possible pathways to gain employment for each of the 3 opportunities you identified.
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Observation Checklist
Observation Criteria

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Accessed a range of sources to identify information technology trend

Discussed trend in detail in a report

Refenced information sources and verification of the trend

Performed a refined job search with increased knowledge of the job

market and where and when to market your skills

Outlined what is needed for each identified opportunity

Described what does it means to work in a particular occupation

Stated qualifications, skills and experience are required and/or

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valued to work in a particular occupation

Identified who recruits in the industry/career of interest

Noted current trends and skills in demand

Total Score (/90)

Total Score

Percentage Grade for Task


Grade for


❑ Satisfactory
❑ Unsatisfactory

Date ______________________
Signed _____________________________ (Assessor)
Signed ______________________________(Student)
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