ICT622 IT Strategy

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ICT622 IT Strategy
Assignment 2 Research Essay Presentation Slides
Due Friday Week 14 5:00pm
Your team is required to prepare and present a set of PowerPoint slides on the major findings of your Research Essay.
Your presentation should have the following slides:
Slide 1: Title of your research essay, your names and student numbers
Slide 2: Introduction to your research essay
Slides 3, 4 and 5: on these slides list in dot point form, the major findings of your research
Slide 6: Explain the most important lessons learned from your research on the adaptations used by organisations during the initial pandemic.
Slide 7: This slide should discuss future innovations organisations are indicating they will adopt/are already trying to adopt for the longer pandemic period.
Slide 8: List the 5 most influential references you have used during your research and in writing up your research essay.
** MAXIMUM 5 dot points per slide

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