Imani Perry: More Beautiful and More Terrible

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Hello, Please answer the following 3 questions about Perry’s work of chapter 4,5.1) In what consists Perry’s criticism of categorizations as they complement practices of inequality?2) What is in her view the feminist critique of the Private/Public distinction?3) What are the aspects of surveillance that would compel you or her to hold that race is at work in both, theUS polity and its practice of inequality in surveillance? Other Article: reason for my interest in this topic is that I have grown up with the development of social media and have always been very interested in fashion, therefore I wanted to see how the two impacted each other. I will look into any evidence I find to see if there have been many direct effects on the fashion industry. In terms of the range of material that I managed to find, there is several articles and scholarly sources that have looked in to the changes that social media has had on the fashion industry. The data in these sources was collected by theorists and sociologists who have done their own primary research on these social media platforms and have gathered the findings themselves. This is the same for the articles that I found as they had made their own observations on what is on social media. These studies do not all give direct evidence, but all relate to the themes that I am looking into and allow room for assumptions. I explored the main themes that I identified when doing my research: marketing and social media, body image and bloggers which can all relate to the impact that social media has had on the fashion industry. The evidence that I found in these sources coincides well with what I found when doing my own investigation of social media and different… ***WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL WRITERS READY TO WORK ON YOUR ORIGINAL PAPER; YOU CAN ORDER NOW TO GET IT DONE!!! ***

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