impact on Global Financial Crisis

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I only got the notes from the professor briefing which i  wrote on my own. Please see notes below. The assignment needs to be submitted in R File. 
Study the impact on Global Financial Crisis , SARS and Covid-19 on Property sale/ rental prices in singapore.Using Model for explanation , each variables need at least 30 observations .Assignment: 
Use regression discontinuity. Rationale of regression discontinuity in order to show regression discontinuity is appearing, you need to show a control (price of property) of how it will be changing before and after. 
Causal Inference – In real case you are unable to do casual inference without randomize control trial, when you have obseration data use the following variable:
X – before covid, after covid, 
Y1 – Sale Price 
Y2 – Rental Price 
Y3 – Differences in sales/rental price
Qns to consider:  How will the slope change ? 
Thereafter , include 2 other external impact: Global Financial Crisis and SARS. 
If there is a casual effect you can estimate the casual effect. Compare the regression discontinuity. 
In order to use LM, need to provide a centered score(centre variable estimate Y=b0 +b1)
Need to provide an interaction  (use difference in differences) test slope differences X1-X6 
Kindly provide data sources and indicate how its imported into the script. 
This is a R Studio Data Analytics course capstone project. This course is to target students with no R Knowledge or Data analytics knowledge hence the submission should be as simple as possible.  
The above guide was shared briefly by the instructor.

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