implications of working environments

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This assessment task is an assignment that requires you to demonstrate understanding of the implications of working environments on the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Assignment question There is increasing evidence that workplaces play an important role in maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of employees. Delivering quality patient-centred care can be hindered by many factors, including unhealthy workplace environments (Harvey et al. 2014; Vessey et al. 2009). For this assignment, you are required to (1) examine the evidence pertaining to healthy workplaces and the impact of workplaces on the mental wellbeing of nurses and (2) discuss two strategies that might be implemented to improve mental health promotion in the nursing workplace. Unit Learning Outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes This assessment task provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the following Unit Learning outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes: Unit Learning Outcomes • ULO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of contemporary mental health issues • ULO2: Evaluate social, political, environmental, and economic factors in relation to mental health • ULO3: Relate primary health care philosophy, principles, and strategies to promote mental health in nursing practice • ULO4: Predict and interpret early warning signs and risks associated with mental health problems • ULO5: Select and evaluate interventions that promote mental health and wellbeing and build emotional resilience for self and others

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