incorporation into helping form

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Justification:Througt1,1 II ■Ip1aching st, es, C14 i –develoroach, prhave rp.ductive pedag111ted• .erous, asses able elemetrateand an in
osston’roacI be ieve that it is through these teaching strategies and their incorporation into helping form the scaffolding of t
nit .subsequenlearning strategies, experiences and activities that students are able to develop the critical and higher order thinking, communication, reflective,and knowledge and understanding that is required to successfully complete this unit.One of the strategies that I have employed is an inquiry based approach to learning, which is where the students are able to take a large degree ofcontrol over their own learning and as a result the learning is open and not always easy to predict. Inquiry learning is when students constructtheir own knowledge, incorporating new knowled to constructsstudent’s understanding of the world i
as a way to develop information-procady established in the s ‘rid. This em•hasises the role of theoh also connects to productive pe. -t a. As a result I am using the learning content0- and problem-solving skills. The lessons are more student centred and the teacher acts as a facilitatorof learning. This will allow the students to be more involved with the construction of their knowledge through their active in ‘s ise ident-nnning of student’s learning experiences where each lesson is developed through sequencing t
hales. Through this approach students will hopefully be more engaged in learning which would allow them to construct more in-depth knowledge.

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