Individual Coursework Assessment

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Assessment: Individual Coursework Assessment methods which enable students to demonstrate the learning outcomes for the module: Weighting: Learning Outcomes demonstrated Individual Coursework (3,000 words max) Deadline: 25/11/2021 (Thursday) by 3pm 100% 1-6 For this individual submission, each student is required to complete the following task: Choose any existing brand/organisation and analyse their existing social media strategy. You must evaluate and explain the following:
 1. Overall analysis of the organisation and the customers. Analysis of the main competitors. Clear understanding of the organisation and its position in the industry should be demonstrated. This part of the analysis must also clearly provide insights about the customer segment.
 2. Review and explore the social media activities of the chosen organisation and explain:
 • What segments have been targeted with these activities and why?
 • What does an organisation expect to accomplish through these activities? Here you should clearly articulate/explain the objectives which have been set up by the organisation. How have these objectives been achieved (via what channels and what tactic)? **Important notes**
• Here you need to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant theoretical concepts and perspectives which you have learned over the course, for example: on-line brand communities/brand communities, cocreation, brand relationships, consumer engagements, persuasiveness, e-WOM, etc.
 • You need to justify your answer with the evidence/examples. Module Guide 2021/22 p. 7 Learning outcomes assessed: At the end of this module, students will be able to: Knowledge 2. Evaluate how marketing theory can be incorporated and applied within a social media context.(COI) 3. Appreciate the importance of interdisciplinary research perspectives in understanding digital consumption. (COI) Thinking skills 4. Appreciate how marketers foster and develop social media consumer engagement and the strategies that are used to maintain it. (COI)
 5. Evaluate privacy concerns regarding social media and the importance of consumer digital rights. (COI, IC) Subject-based practical skills
 6. Appreciate/Evaluate social media marketing strategies to enhance consumer engagement and build brand equity. (COI) Skills for life and work (general skills)
 7. Understand the importance of social media to ongoing marketer-consumer relationships and how to harness its power to create meaningful brand conversations. (COI, IC) 3. Explain the overall strategy of the social media marketing of the organisation and evaluate how this strategy has been incorporated into the overall marketing strategy of the organisation. 4. Explain how the effectiveness and performance of the identified social media marketing activities can be measured. 5. How would you recommend to improve the existing social media marketing strategy for this organisation? And why? Advice: Carefully read the Assessment criteria. Your work should demonstrate your understanding of relevant theoretical ideas and your ability to critically evaluate and apply different theoretical concepts. Your work should not be descriptive. • Your presentation should have the following structure: 1) Cover-page 2) Introduction 3) Main Body (Please use relevant subheadings for each section/question ) 4) Conclusion 5) Reference list Module Guide 2021/22 p. 8 Assessment criteria: Refer below for clear information about what is required for this assessment. Further guidance on writing assessment criteria can be found here.
 Assessment criteria/Cover sheet: Component Comments Weights Actual Mark Informative Introduction and Conclusion of the Coursework 10% Knowledge/ understanding and application of relevant theories 35% Evaluation of Social Media Strategies Quality of arguments and analytical thinking. 35 % Overall Presentation, Professionalism and References

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