Individual Presentation Task Description

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BBM361 T3 2020 Individual Presentation Task Description (20%)
You are tasked to prepare and deliver a professional presentation; this will be done using Voice
over PowerPoint (10min Max). Due Week 5 – 8th Oct 2020
In preparing the presentation, ensure you address the following:
1. Choose a recent (no earlier than 01 December 2019) news story about a publicly listed
company from the S&P ASX 200 Index trading. Based on this news story, recommend the
company to expand their operation to a new market. [Note this new market can be geographic
or it could be new market with new product/direction from the company’s current offerings to
the market.]
2. Briefly outline the company’s operations and presence in Australian market. Discuss
opportunities and threats relevant to the firm’s operations and the challenge in the macro
environment (for example, political/legal, economic, demographic/socio- cultural, technological,
and environmental aspects etc.,) in the recommended market; and
3. Considering the foregoing discussion, assess the attractiveness of the industry in the new
market of your choice.
4. Based on your analysis, provide a clear, concise, and logically reasoned conclusion about how
the firm could expand into this new market, and whether, the firm’s prospects are positive in
this particular market.
Your presentation should be professionally crafted and delivered. Wherever possible,
graphs/charts/other visuals should be of your own creation, professionally designed, and all
sources appropriately acknowledged. Your discussions and arguments must make use of
relevant concepts/theories/models from the unit.

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