Influences weather and climate

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Assignment Content
Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you explain the relationship between the ocean and the shoreline. Select and describe a naturally occurring ocean disaster that results from the relationship between weather and climate. Include the following in your paper:
What caused the natural event?
Would the effects of this event be any different if it occurred at a high or low tide? If so, how?
How does this event change the wave action of the ocean?
Which ocean currents–deep and surface–pass near or through the disaster impact area?
Is the disaster affected by surface or deep ocean currents? If so, how?
Explain how the ocean-atmosphere relationship influences weather and climate.
Rubric for the assignment:
Week 4 Disaster Paper Rubric.pdf
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Reference a minimum of two outside sources, other than your text.
Submit your assignment.
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