Information literacy skills

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1. In the role of the enrolled nurse list 3 reason for undertaking research including advantages of why using evidence-based practice in the healthcare environment is important and why research can improve own area of practice? (Min 150 words ? Nursing research is the process, which provides evidence to carryout nursing practices widely. The three reasons for the enrolled nurse to undertake research and its importance are. a. Nursing profession is a competitive field where nurses deal with many lives of the patient every day. Nurses needs to provide different care to the patient from basic to critical care. So, research is important for the nurses because it helps the nurses to stay updated and be more advance in their field providing better care to the patient. Practicing research habit can help nurses to use the information literacy skills more effectively to develop their own skills. b. It is especially important for the nurses to understand, evaluate and use research in their career to get evidence, which can help the nurses to provide evidence-based care to the patient. Research helps nurses to become more proficient at doing their own evaluation and finding out the drawbacks to improve in the future. c. Nursing research helps to provide lifelong nursing professional development by improving personal knowledge and by helping to find out useful additional resources. (“Why do nurses need research?”2017)

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