Information management helps a business

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Introduction 3
Task 1 4
Decision Making 4
Decision making in Transaction Processing System 4-5
Management Information System 6
Decision Support System 7
Executive Support System 7
Task 2 8
IT infrastructure 8
Hardware Improvement in firm 8
Installing new software in firm 8
Task 3 9
Databases Approaches 9
Improving Business Performance 9
Decision Making 9
Task 4 10
Security Techniques for Databases and Networking 10
Conclusion 11

Total Weighted Mark:


Student’s Name:
Hameeda Muhammad Ahmed

Student’s ID:
BAF 1909001

Course Name / Code:
Management Information Systems ( BIT203 )

Dr. Myriam Bounhas

Summer II – 2021

Note: This Project accounts for 40% of the Student Final Grade.

Introduction 3
Task 1 4
Decision Making 4
Decision making in Transaction Processing System 4-5
Management Information System 6
Decision Support System 7
Executive Support System 7
Task 2 8
IT infrastructure 8
Hardware Improvement in firm 8
Installing new software in firm 8
Task 3 9
Databases Approaches 9
Improving Business Performance 9
Decision Making 9
Task 4 10
Security Techniques for Databases and Networking 10
Conclusion 11
Bibliography 12

Information management helps a business to improve their operations by determining challenges and improving decision to operate a profitable business. In that case there are multiple information systems that need to be considered to handle a business appropriate. To analyze the information management and related concerns to improve business Diginark Company was considered. The company provides digital marketing and related services to other companies. In this pandemic, where almost every business had faced challenges, Diginark needs to further evaluate and digitalize their company to avoid consequences and manage their revenue as well. This project comprises of different parts in which different information management systems will be discussed along with the best approaches to improve database and security to enhance the firm’s operations. The purpose of this assignment is to assist student to analyze approaches to improve databases and security for the technology to promote digitalization[ CITATION Sar201 l 1033 ]. Furthermore, decisions need to be conducted with appropriate steps to achieve development and growth.
Task 1

A decision-making process is a series of steps taken by an individual to determine the best option or course of action to meet their needs. In a business context, it is a set of steps taken by managers in an enterprise to determine the planned path for business initiatives and to set specific actions in motion. However, managers do not take decisions solely but requires proper analysis and other information to improve their decisions. For instance, information management system helps to manage the entire operations and evaluate challenges. In that case if a company observes issues in inventory, managers will take decision to improve the inventory management not the entire operations. To improve the decisions there are different systems that need to be considered and make decisions to improve Diginark operations.[ CITATION Jan171 l 1033 ]
Decision making in Transaction Processing System
A Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a type of information system that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves the data transactions of an enterprise. Transaction processing systems also attempt to provide predictable response times to requests, although this is not as critical as for real-time systems. The common issue that company has to face is the hacking of account or deduction of amount from the account without any transaction. Mentioned below is the common chart that shows transaction process.
Account payable
Order Entering
Receiving System
Shipment planning
Purchase and processing
Shipment Execution
Invoicing System
Inventory Control
The chart above shows the transaction system but as the firm provide digital marketing services to other companies it will be change. Moreover, this chart shows the basic transaction system, but the Diginark needs to change their system. Here, the manager could decide whether the transaction should be online or though cash after providing services. To avoid time taking methods, online system or transaction through online account will be preferable. The firm provide all the services to other companies and ask them to forward the information and cost through online services. However, for this system firm needs to improve their account and increase their security control. Other than this, they should use inventory software to record the payrolls and the cost of each task they perform to manage revenue.
Management Information System
In order to determine a plan for any project, management information system helps to collect data that helps to create a plan and work on scheduling to fulfill the requirements of business. In terms of decision making, management information helps to make profitable decision. The first step is to system planning in which the entire team has to create different strategies and plan to achieve their goals. After that second step is to scheduling and creating a timeline in which each task should be conducted. Operations depend on the timeline and planning and for that purpose team has to prepare to adopting changes. Monitoring helps to identify strong and weak points of the operations and maintain proper operations. As the monitoring helps to identify challenges and strong strategies a report should be created to acknowledge the top managers. In Diginark the entire team implement on management information system to make decisions.[ CITATION Jeo19 l 1033 ]
Decision Support System
To make appropriate decisions, decision support system helps to determine valuable strategies with the help of collection of data. It is a computerized program that helps to analyze, judge and provide indications for better approaches. For instance, Diginark receives a project in which they could achieve double of the investments and the project in which they could achieve 10% of profit. Usually, company consider high profit tasks but if they wanted to expand their operations, they have to work on all kind of projects except of those that leads to loss. It is necessary to collect data of the projects provided by other agents and create budgeting with the help of DSS before approval.[ CITATION Abu161 l 1033 ]
Executive Support System
This is a type of system that could be accessed by the senior managers. After planning and creating budgeting the final decision depends on the senior managers. In that case ESS helps them to make decisions with all the evidences, reports and planning by the other workers. Diginark believes in teamwork and therefore they did not implement ESS. To improve their operations remotely and promoting digitalization, it is necessary for them to implement ESS to avoid consequences.[ CITATION Jeo19 l 1033 ]
Task 2

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To implement on digitalization, it is necessary to upgrade IT infrastructure. For instance, if an office have less hardware they could increase the hardware and networking to expand their operations. Similarly, to manage operations remotely and cutting the expenses of inventory software could be used for multiple purposes. Although Diginark itself promote digitalization by providing digital marketing services but they need to work on IT infrastructure to mitigate the challenges of covid-19 restrictions to business.[ CITATION Cha17 l 1033 ]
Hardware Improvement in firm
As the firm wanted to expand their business, it is necessary that they increase their networking and hardware. For instance, increasing their work at workplace needs upgraded personal computers with proper cloud computing. This will help the employees to store data and incase of any system issue they could get the backup of the data. It will help the employees to not work extensively but with the help of previous data they could save the cost and time as well.
Cloud integration is another important component in networking that helps to work in team even remotely. With the help of this, each employee could store their work in cloud integration and other managers could access to it, so they analyze errors and improve it. This component improves team working.[ CITATION Yoo18 l 1033 ]
Installing new software in firm
As Diginark is a digital marketing service provider they have multiple techniques to save the cost of workplace and manage workers at home. For instance, blog writers could be hired as remote workers in that case it will cut cost of transport and other incentives. However, it is important to keep tracking the performance and working of the writers. In that case they could install and use monitoring software and guide the employee to stay active at their working times. With the help of this software the firm could determine the performance of employees and manage their operations. Other than this, they could create a dashboard or a portal where every employee has to share their work and reports so the senior manager could analyze it on time. Currently, these softwares are assisting large scale companies to manage working in this pandemic situation.[ CITATION Yoo18 l 1033 ]
Task 3

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Improving Business Performance
As the Diginark operated in India, they wanted to operate in other countries as well. For that purpose, they need to implemented databases with the help of inventory management software. Although they only provide digital marketing services but they need to keep the records of services and charges to make sure their revenue is profitable. Other than this, they must implement on proper transaction system so they could follow the right path in order to provide services and receives debt from other agents. Other than this, data collection for feedback could help the company to determine lacking and resolve it in order to achieve development and growth.[ CITATION LiC19 l 1033 ]
Decision Making
In terms of making decision, it will be difficult for company to create immediate plan. Therefore, management information system is the best approach that promotes data collection and proper planning before making decisions. Other than this, executive support system further helps the senior managers to make appropriate decisions. In this process, inventory management in which all the record and data are included, it would help the senior managers to create decisions for the company that are profitable. Furthermore, budgeting and team working also helps to improve decision making process.[ CITATION LiC19 l 1033 ]

Software Control
Educating and provide training to the employees
Limiting the access of typical softwares and allow only leaders to access them
Creating a robust IR plan
Integrate security into SDLC.[ CITATION Ang20 l 1033 ]
Hardware Controls
Hardware security modules
Hardware firewalls
Proxy servers
Data Control Security
Optimizing data is necessary along with the backup and recovery to avoid any inconvenience
To control data it is necessary to compliance transparency
Always encrypt the sensitive information and provide access to the trusted leaders
Promote cyber security insurance.[ CITATION Ang20 l 1033 ]
Implementation Control
Using proper information management system
Using executive support system to help the senior managers make profitable strategies to implement in business
Monitoring employees performance through softwares
Using decision support system before implementing any strategy
Feedback and evaluation.[ CITATION Ang20 l 1033 ]
Administrative Control
It is necessary to provide training, education and awareness program to the staff working in administration
Implementing Bring your own device policies
Recovery plans for every failures
Disaster plans such as digitalization and remote working in case covid cases increase.[ CITATION Ang20 l 1033 ]

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Diginark is a firm that provides services related to digital marketing. Although the company had considered proper steps to promote digitalization and assisted other businesses but still they need to further improve their business to adopt the changes that helps them to mitigate the challenges. For instance, whenever a firm improves their business and transform into digitalization, transaction and inventory system also changes. In that case, if their account will be hacked by third person it might create major issues for the firm. Therefore, changing information management system requires making the databases strong and change the security. In that case, company can work at any place and expand their operations worldwide. Furthermore, in the covid-19 pandemic the company was provided with enhancing their operations by installing hardware and software both to make sure their systems are secure. The aim of this project is to assist students to understand about databases, decision support system and information management approaches to improve the business.

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Bibliography 12

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