Internal and external influences

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Assessment Details:
Course Code: HR1007
Referencing Styles: Harvard
Words: 3500
Course Title: poster evidence of creative
University: University of Central Lancashire
Identify the key issues facing a project team (generic) when working on short-term projects and design a plan of action in order to address those issues.
Assessment Criteria:
1).  Demonstrate knowledge of project management essentials and identify the potential dangers of ineffective project management. To help you achieve this you should:
a).  Identify methods for assessing the internal and external influences related to a project
b).  Highlight what can go wrong within a project-team
2).  Create a plan of action to help avoid the potential pitfalls. To help you achieve this you should:
a).  Ensure the plan relates to part 1
b).  Include solutions to help avoid or manage potential problems
c).  Try to make the points Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound
3).  Your discussions must be supported with relevant project management literature. To help you achieve this you should:
a).  Refer to the module reading list for sources
b).  Refer to materials used in semester one, including the PowerPoints, handouts and your own class notes
c).  Conduct a research of relevant literature. To do this use either the Library search tool (recommended) or Google Scholar
4).  Adopt a report format and write in a business voice. To help you achieve this you should:
a). Consider using the suggested report template
b). Refer to study skills books and sources e.g. Wiser to help with your academic writing
5).  Use appropriate referencing and provide a minimum of four academic references.
If you cannot meet this deadline it is important that you apply for an extension or extenuating circumstances (subject to meeting the criteria) and inform your tutor.

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