International Business Strategy

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University of Hertfordshire
Module: 7BSP0355-0206 International Business Strategy
Module Leader: Dr Judy Willetts
Assignment Title:  Coursework 2 (Formative Reflection 2)
Date submitted: 28-03-2021
Word count: 300 (+/- 10%)
Student ID: 19055749
While reading these weekly lectures, I have learned the International market environment and understand the strengths to sustain competitive advantage. Porter’s value chain, SWOT analysis tool prioritised here to obtain deeper insights from week 3 and week 4. 
Week 3
In the third week, I have learned different strategist’s analysis of the industrial context. The issues in International business-like dimensions, path, drivers have been taken into account here. I have also learned the impact of Covid-19 on different industries. After reading the article by Frynas and Mellahi, (2015), global forces for the integration and coordination & cost drivers have been understandable. Furthermore, I have identified Yip’s drivers of globalisation and global strategy levers in this week 3. For the International car industry, it is necessary to divide into strategy groups. Here, I have learned the categories of driverless cars from a global broad-line, regional broad-line, luxury and super luxury car products perspective. Last but not the least, in this third week, I have improved my industrial development knowledge and found out industrial development paths such as Gradual, hyper, continuous, and discontinuous.
Week 4
After reading this fourth week lecture, I have gained a Resource-based view (RBV) of strategic capabilities. On the other hand, I have also learned market-based strategic stretch concepts. The main focus area of this week is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitive advantage. SWOT framework is used for analysis. For example, here value chain management in the global petroleum industry is taken into account as integration of global branding. Moreover, I have also identified drawbacks of global strategy as well as RBV. Most importantly, this week, I have understood how to balance integration and responsiveness through learning. The global business book was written by Peng, (2016), was helpful for me while I am trying to get an entry in resource-based marketing, explaining concepts of distinctive capability, and core competence.
Reference list
Frynas, J.G. and Mellahi, K., 2015. Global strategic management. Oxford University Press, USA, [Online] Available at:,+J.G.+and+Mellahi,+K.+2015,&ots=abt8UrGvug&sig=xnhv6HkTAuDyYUuXuUfRNhhpcNE [Accessed on: 26-Mar-21]
Peng, M.W., 2016. Global business. Cengage learning, [Online] Available at: [Accessed on: 26-Mar-21]

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